Evil Hunter Tycoon APK 1.316 Free Download

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon APK 1.316 Free Download

Presentation about Evil Hunter Tycoon

The footage is funny, but the plot is serious.

Evil Hunter Tycoon begins with a threatening phrase: “The Dark Lord is rising. Bc careful hunters ”and continues with an equally” bloody “quote:” The desperate game of survival of the survivors begins “.
In the game, you will play as one of the pre-selected Hunters. Level 1 is always easy. You will tackle the initial difficulties skillfully. The boss of the 1st round is also weak, does not fight much.

Then you continue. Like the rest of the next-class hunters, you will gradually discover that the game is “bad”. Like the Penthouse television series, the dark forces began to appear more diverse and on the prowl. Maybe somewhere in the village you are building, some bad guys are digging an infiltration tunnel. Among the soldiers you have just recruited, there is a spy who wants to kill you. The unpredictability gives the actor goosebumps, but the sweet “enchanting scene” surrounding them and the cute looks of the characters immediately calm them down.

Villains lurk everywhere, all the time

Evil Hunter Tycoon
Evil Hunter Tycoon

A minute of negligence, the entire “ground” you carefully constructed dissolves in a cloud of smoke, and the entire crowd of people following you can suddenly turn their backs on their enemies. They stab you in the back and throw you off the road to victory at any moment. Therefore, be vigilant and alert in every situation and task.

What is our mission in the game?

When you are born a hunter, you will have the little pleasures of choosing your appearance, gender, costume, original weapon, and your way to go. But in return, life gives nothing for free. The game system is even less. Not too much, but in return, it forces you to go through a long and difficult path with a series of tasks that seem exciting, but you’ll also be exhausted.

Mission 1: Rebuild the destroyed city (by the super evil dictator and his army, of course).

Mission 2: Train a group of powerful hunters. Since you cannot do anything alone, you must have a team to fight.

Task 3: D-day has arrived! Summon your army to prepare for battle. Currently, the broken screen sometimes shows a threatening but very tempting phrase: “Darkness Front Yard”. Right in front of you. Keep playing slowly. Good luck!

Choose your hunter

Evil Hunter Tycoon has 8 character classes divided according to the Hunters’ strength and role. Each class has different abilities and fighting styles. Depending on the number of units you have, Hunters have high or low complexity. More personalities (i.e. many soldiers), more time-consuming administration, training and discipline require more time. Yet the army is strong in return, sometimes killing the enemy instantly.

Units communicate seamlessly

One of the biggest points of Evil Hunter Tycoon is the interface. Despite being a survival war game, the interface is great but very healing, it calms everyone’s mindset. The plot is dark, but the Hunters are like chibi like it. They always make you love.

From the leadership level to the soldiers, all the characters in the game have the opportunity to communicate with each other slowly and clearly. And thanks to the cute interface, these talking screens are very fluid, easy to see, easy to understand, and very cinematic. When speaking, the quotation seems extremely easy to read, in short, overall, there is no redundancy in the layout.

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Thanks to the commands, this dash, the rules of the game are given very fluently, so the combat is also a bit easier. Actually, the fight is easy, but the final boss is hard to beat.

New update in Evil Hunter Tycoon

Level 3 at the moment is the favorite level that will be positively updated in this year’s restructuring. Class Change functionality has more options in the future. The stunning collection of academy uniforms has now been improved both in quantity and quality.

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