Exiled Kingdoms mod apk 1.2.1124 (Fully Unlocked)

Exiled Kingdoms mod apk 1.2.1124 (Fully Unlocked)

Exiled Kingdoms mod apk 1.2.1124 is a Role-Playing Game developed by famous developer 4 Dimension Games with more than 1 million downloads worldwide. It is an action RPG where you can move freely through a distinctive world. Let’s take a detailed overview to know more about this game. You can download this game at the end of this page. You can also download Bomber Friends mod apk with Skins Unlocked

Detailed Overview

It is an action RPG and isometric game with a very interesting story and gameplay. Save your kingdom by killing monsters and antagonists, use powerful weapons to destroy your enemies, and get your kingdom’s peace back.


It is an illustration of a century ago when magical cataclysm destroyed the Andorian Empire and the empire came under terror and horror. Some people escaped through sailing to the Imperial Colony of Varannar (very dangerous and unexplored area). Due to a lack of trust in each other, the 4 exiled kingdoms were proclaimed.

Exiled Kingdoms xp mod apk

Exiled Kingdoms xp mod apk

The ragtag kingdom still struggling to survive in a very harsh and poor environment. A lot of stories and fairytales are rumors about empire and horror. You are not paying attention to such fairytales and continuing to get gold and restoring the peace of your kingdom.

One day you got the letter from New Garand, according to the letter you are the only beneficiary of a very big inheritance. You don’t remember any of your relatives in the Kingdom of Varsili. In Exiled Kingdoms fully unlocked, now you decided to go to the New Garand to find out the mystery of your life, you will know about fairytales and horrors are real.

Customize Your Characters

Download now and customize your characters with a variety of options and skills. You can choose the armor dress, sword, other weapons, and also customize your character’s backpack. There are plenty of skills available and you can customize your character skills too.

Select Weapons Carefully

Selecting weapons is an art. Always make count on your enemies, watch their activities, powers, and their weakness carefully. After observing your enemies, now you have to explore yourself, make sure you have powerful weapons to destroy your enemies or can say monsters, and lastly improve your skills to overcome monsters and antagonists.

Exiled Kingdoms mod apk god mode

Exiled Kingdoms mod apk god mode

Talk with other Characters

Talk with other characters in Exiled Kingdoms mod apk unlocked with unique dialogues (Over 400 dialogues). Solve the quests up to 90 quests and other random generated quests. You can freely move around almost 135 areas without any restrictions.

Features Exiled of Kingdoms mod apk

  • Move freely through a distinctive world in this RPG.
  • Kill monsters and antagonists to save your kingdom.
  • Discover the interesting story of four exiled kingdoms.
  • Customize your characters.
  • Improve the skills of the character.
  • Equip your character with the best and powerful weapons.
  • Customize your character’s backpack and carefully choose which item should be in the backpack.
  • Explore your enemies and must know their powers and weaknesses.
  • Talk with other characters with more than 400 unique dialogues.
  • Solve more than 90 quests and also get randomly generated quests.
  • More freely over 135 areas.
  • More than 120 hours of gameplay.


Exiled Kingdoms mod apk is a classic action RPG and the isometric game that catch millions of users in very little time. The game is about four exiled kingdoms where your character is struggled to restore the peace and good environment in the ragtag kingdom where he faces a lot of hurdles and difficulties. The game has 2 versions, the free version, and the full version. The free version is limited but the full version is fully unlocked and you don’t need to pay extra after purchasing the full version. Download now and experience a classic RPG.

Exiled Kingdoms mods

Exiled Kingdoms mods

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Technical Detail of Exiled Kingdoms apk MOD

  • Name: Exiled Kingdoms mod apk
  • Category: RPG
  • Version: 1.2.1124
  • Android: 4.1 and above
  • Size: 99.54MB & 99.66MB
  • Developer: 4 Dimension Games
  • Mod: Yes
  • Need OBB: No

Mod Features:


  • Fully Unlocked


  • Unlocked / Coin in plus
  • The Reset Bug is defeated!
  • All imboshmotki for any class is distributed to different enemies:
    Light guns + bow and rings: Goblins
    One-Handed Weapons + Wands / Staffs: Zombies
    Two-handed implements + 1/2 part of Imbouri (among them the Force Belt;)): Skeletons (they do not have volumes)
    2/2 part of Imbombo: Bandits
    Rod of the Dead Kings: Remembering the Battle
    Drop out from all the enemies from the above list: Strong Mana Potion, Epic Omelette, Medpack, Volume pumping (except skeletons)
    The drop rate of the above enemies is 100%! Collect a drop in them, make your character Imboi, sell them, and farm thousands of them, millions of coins!
  • The mod will be updated a few days after the update of the game and sometimes when updating the mod for the new version of the game will be added an additional drop to different enemies, sometimes a little more often.

Download Exiled Kingdoms apk MOD

You can download Exiled Kingdoms apk MOD by accessing download buttons below:

APK File 1.2.1124 [MOD-1]

APK File 1.2.1124 [MOD-2]

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