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F1 Manager

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F1 Manager APK 11.00.13967 Free Download

Introduce F1 Manager

Classic racing games give players the feeling of driving expensive cars, driving in famous cities and leaving the enemy behind. But in F1 Manager, you are the manager of a Formula 1 racing team. You are not a racer like Asphalt or GRID Autosport. Now your role is much more important. Hire good racers, upgrade and find the best cars. If you want to bring glory to your team, there is a lot to do.

How to play

If Football Manager 2020 Mobile is a soccer manager game, then F1 Manager is the best Formula 1 race management game for mobile. Forget drift techniques, using nitro, or the feeling of sitting in a car floating like lightning, now there are many things to consider if you want your team to win the championship. Your role as a coach is as a coach of the team. You need to find the right tactics for the racers and the quality of the cars you own.

F1 Manager
F1 Manager

You are responsible for the major problems of the entire racing team, such as finance, engineering, technology, repair teams, race cars. Promoting your racing team helps you earn money from sponsors. And of course the racers and the quality of the race car are two of the most important things to worry about. Sign new racers, train them and then register for F1 races around the world. Take part in dramatic races like Monaco, Montreal or Baku (Azerbaijan).


F1 Manager offers you a whole new perspective. You are no longer behind the wheel, now you are like a spectator, a manager. With the top view, you can follow your entire race objectively, honestly and comprehensively. You can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent with some parameters of the lanes. This way you will find the right strategy for the next race.

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While the racing interface is not overly detailed, the way they simulate F1 cars is perfectly fine. F1 cars are honestly simulated, vivid and very lifelike. This is a must-have game for F1 fans.

Famous runners

When you play F1 Manager, you will have the opportunity to meet your idol with famous F1 drivers from all over the world such as Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes racing team, Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull, Michael Schumacher from Ferrari or Fernando Alonso from Renault. They are the best pilots. In fact, you will have a team of young racers starting their careers at the beginning of the game. They are not as famous as the names I mentioned above but they also have great talents and skills. Train them, participate in many tournaments to help them gain experience and increase their stats. Once you have a lot of money, you may want to consider firing old brokers and signing new stars.

Unlock and upgrade cars

F1 Manager brings you the latest F1 models like Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari and more. All designed as real life prototypes. You can also upgrade vehicle parts such as engines and tires.

Beat other players

When you play in the online mode, you can join the race with other players from all over the world. Beat them and increase your rank on the leaderboards. At the end of the season, you will receive many rewards based on your rank. Don’t forget to learn the tactics of the best players, maybe it will be useful for your team.

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