FaceApp Pro APK Mod 4.2.1 (Premium Full Access)

FaceApp Pro APK Mod 4.2.1 (Premium Full Access)

FaceApp Pro APK Mod 4.2.1 – Did you imagine ever seeing yourself how you will look in the future or your look in the past? Well, most people did imagine this and honestly, I also exited how will I look when I will old.

The good news is for all of you that we have the best tool for this, you can transform your face or you can see how you will look in the future and past. We present you the advanced neural portrait editing AI technology named FaceApp, Yes this is the android app that allows you to edit your pictures with most attractive features.

faceapp pro apk mod is the most advanced neural portrait editing technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is developed by FaceApp Inc. It got viral on the internet within just a few days and attract millions of users with more than 100 million installations.

Let’s take an overview to know more about this app. You can download this app at the end of this page.

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You can transform your looks into a weird and hilarious way with just one tap in FaceApp Pro apk mod. You can change your look with too many attractive features. Just take your selfie or choose your photo from the gallery and place it in this app and experience the all-new AI image rendering technology.

You can transform and see your look in the past and how will you look in the future. Edit your photos, and change the color of your hairs, style of hair, tone of your skin, add the mustache & beard on your face, add the lense on your eyes,  add a beautiful smile on your face, apply the makeup over your face, apply different types of the color filters and others many tools of transformation with FaceApp Pro apk cracked.

FaceApp Pro

FaceApp Pro

You can also swap genders with this app by altering your face, hair colors, hairstyles, removing, or adding mustache & beard. Add the beautiful tattoos on skin, change your age, look younger if you are old, and look older if you are young.

Features of FaceApp Pro apk Latest:

This app is using Artificial Intelligence (AI), which automatically detects a face and gives you options on what to do with this. You can edit your picture with numerous features listed below:

  • Take elegant selfies with filters like Hollywood filter.
  • Change the hair color and hairstyles.
  • Put a smile on your face.
  • Change the color of your eyes by apply different types of lenses.
  • Add or remove eyebrows, make them thick and thin or change the color of eyebrows.
  • Change the color of eyelashes or grow your eyelash.
  • Change your face by altering your nose, chin, jaws, and chicks.
  • Alter your ears style.
  • Apply makeup on your face. This is a paid option that is not available on the free version, it only can be accessed by using FaceApp Pro apk
  • You can change the background of images.
  • You can access full-sized impression filters in FaceApp Premium.
  • You can swap genders by using too many filters and tools.
  • Draw the awesome tattoos.
  • Try new stunning filters like Heisenberg filters, Hitman filters, and many more.
  • Find your best transformation with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
FaceApp Pro mod

FaceApp Pro mod

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is FaceApp is safe to use?

There are many rumors spread on the internet that this app leaks the data and sending to Russian intelligence but that is not true. According to Avast’s head of mobile threat intelligence and security, this app is secure and does not have any privacy issue as it does not send user sensitive data back to the servers.

How to edit more than one face on FaceApp Pro apk?

Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Select the photo from the gallery or capture the fresh photo.
  • Tap on “Layouts” existed at the bottom right-corner of this app.
  • Select “Collage” and tap the “+” button.
  • You can now see the “+” symbol next to your picture.
  • Tap on “+” sign and add more pictures

How to apply age on FaceApp Pro?

Follow the simple steps below:

  • Select the photo from the gallery or capture a new one from the camera.
  • Under the “Fun” section tap on the “old” button to apply age effect.
  • Done and enjoy…
FaceApp Pro apk mod

FaceApp Pro apk mod


In the end, I would like to give you a short overview of FaceApp Pro apk. FaceApp is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is used to transform your photos with attractive features as we discussed above. You can change your face by altering your face color, hair color, hairstyle, beard, mustache, eyes color, eyebrows and much more. You can also change your face and see how you will look at an older age by applying the “Age” filter and also you can change the background of your picture.

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Technical Detail of FaceApp Pro apk:

  • Name: FaceApp Pro apk
  • Category: Photography
  • Version: 3.6.1
  • Android: 5.0 and above
  • Size: 19MB
  • Developer: FaceApp Inc

Download FaceApp Pro apk:

You can download FaceApp Pro mod apk by clicking download buttons given below:

APK File:

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