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Facebook Lite

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Facebook Lite APK For Android

Facebook Lite APK – Facebook is a social media application familiar to everyone in the world. This social network helps us connect quickly and easily with our family and friends around the world. Also, Facebook Lite APK is now easier and faster with Facebook, however, this version is lighter and more optimized, which helps you run smoother on low-end Android devices.

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What is Facebook Lite?
Facebook has become an important part of our lives. According to statistics, about 2.5 billion people currently use this social network. With such a large number, Facebook is constantly updating new versions with more different features to provide users with the best experience. However, this accidentally made things difficult for some users as such an update would take up a lot of space on their phone. Facebook is even overloaded for some Android devices with poor settings.

Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite

Some users only need basic Facebook features, not new features on request. More importantly, in many parts of the world, people don’t have modern smartphones or a stable internet resource. Facebook wants to do something to connect with them, and Facebook Lite is the solution to this problem.

Facebook Lite is an application developed by Facebook that has the same basic features of this social network such as text messages, news feeds, commenting … but it will not be as complete as Facebook. However, this app can still be used on phones with poor settings or unstable internet connections. Facebook Lite was launched early last year in many countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria … and is now under development globally. Currently the app is only compatible with Android devices.

Advantages of Facebook Lite
First, in terms of capacity, since the main purpose of Facebook Lite is lightweight, simple and optimized, the size of this app will be much lighter than Facebook’s, especially around 1.57MB. This will be of great help for low cost phones with weak configurations. Even Facebook Lite can now work on devices that are not compatible with the original app.

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Because it is designed for use on low-profile phones, Facebook Lite can run smoothly even when the network connection is slow or unstable, such as 2G, the type of network used in some countries. Not only that, Facebook Lite also updates statuses, stories in news feeds and messages from friends very quickly.

About the Account Interface, this app continues to provide users with features like live video, events, groups … but it won’t have new features like appointments, jobs, friends on Facebook. It works just like on Facebook.

The most impressive thing about Facebook Lite is definitely its messaging feature. If you need to install Facebook Messenger to be able to send text messages and call friends, you don’t need to do it on Facebook Lite, this app has integrated the message into the app. Also, you can still install Messenger Lite as an alternative to Messenger.

Some disadvantages
When it comes to the home page interface, Facebook Lite basically keeps the Facebook interface. But text and icons are smaller and don’t have their own personal page shortcuts. However, the toolbar size and color is lighter than Facebook.

Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite

For videos, Facebook Lite uses less data, so the video quality will not be the same as Facebook. Users will not be able to set the high resolution, automatically play videos or upload HD image quality… However, in return, the videos will be able to be played even when the internet connection is poor.

The rather unfortunate thing about Facebook Lite is that this app currently only supports the Android platform.

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