Fail Run MOD APK 1.3.2 (No Ads)Free Download

Fail Run

Fail Run MOD APK 1.3.2 (No Ads)Free Download

Presentation about Failed Run

How did such a strange game come about?

The game takes place in an incomprehensible context: Assuming you can’t run like a person with a calcium deficiency, but can only take short and small steps, what will it be like? So you will need to learn to walk slowly step by step, and when you are close to reaching your goal, you will fall wildly to the finish line. The game was like this, neither more nor less.

The task couldn’t be easier

Walk to the pool, skip the balls, step forward … The result is also the difficulty of each round displayed at the top of the screen, obviously so simple that you think you misread it.

But it is not. Forget the platform game, the complex staging of the fight. Play Fail Run, just go and win, run and fail. I laughed when I passed the level. Sometimes I lose, I still can’t find my mouth.

Fail Run is really harder than you think

The game that makes the first impression is also quite weird. Look at the logo, I still wanted to try it out. After playing, we know that life is not a dream. It is as obstructive as Flappy Bird or Crossy Road. I thought I was choosing a character to enter and crossing the obstacle course. Easy. Even kindergarten kids can do it. The muscular body of an athlete, a police uncle, a firefighter is “bestowed” on you, but there is no doubt that behind the character of the six-pack is an extreme calcium deficiency in the body. Each step is flabby, soft and saggy like rubber or jelly.


By understanding the threatening expression in the description of the game, you begin to realize your desperation, “One small step for human beings, a wonderful face plant for humanity!” When you have a body with limbs like jelly, it is not easy to achieve leaderboard achievements and complete the challenge every round.

Fail Run’s difficulty can drive you crazy because it is extremely frustrating, not the kind of thought that can be answered for a while. This is a feeling of helplessness, the foot wants to step but the body does not. And that feeling of helplessness is also the core of the game, the critical shot that makes you want to play this game again.

It’s different to walk, it’s weird to touch the finish line

By skillfully combining short and long steps, she will drag each difficult step by choosing a subtle combination to bring her fragile body closer to the goal. And when I first passed the first lap, I was out of breath because I landed on the blue line and reached the finish line.

In some cases, one hand falls, reaching the finish line that counts as “Done”. The viewer’s (invisible) heat level is more or less, depending on how the situation falls at the destination.

This game blocks from start to finish. Play a round, take a step to understand why the screenshot represents the game for which it was designed.

Fail Run
Fail Run

An extremely effective time-killing entertainment game

When it comes to aesthetics, Fail Run is classified as mediocre. The texture only connects large and small blocks of color, the font is also very simple and vibrant, not worth mentioning the background color.

If we talk about the structure, the game has many rounds with increasingly difficult levels. The need to supplement is getting more and more complex (while the body is still as messy as level 1). There are many highlights such as customizing the characters, they can change the costumes with many different styles. But that’s almost it.

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But the game’s fatal appeal lies in the sense of helplessness and insecurity at each character’s pitch. You drag every step of the way and although you are very careful you still don’t expect when you will fall. Sometimes the finish line is right in front of you, then you fell. Some games are highly addictive due to the curiosity and classic deep story, but with Fail Run, almost all of those standards turn to dust. “Easy but difficult” captivates her with the “I thought it was possible, but I thought it was not possible” appearance.

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