Fap CEO MOD apk 0.976 Unlimited Money for Android

Fap CEO MOD apk 0.976 Unlimited Money for Android

Fap CEO MOD 0.976 is a simulation management 18+ game which is developed by Nutaku. Fap CEO MOD apk unlimited money is all about the management of a company where you are the CEO of Video Chat company and you have to hire beautiful girls for that. Let’s take an overview to know more about this game. You can download this mod at the end of this page. You can also read Pirate Kings mod apk Unlimited Spins for Android


Fap CEO MOD unlimited ruby is a management-based android game where you are the CEO of a small company in which you have to hire employees to develop your company. Your company is giving services of Video Chat to online users so you must have to hire beautiful and sexy girls to make work done.

The company started working with 1 employee, the secretary of yours named Amber with blond here and blue dress, she is too hot and beautiful, talk with her and hire some most beautiful and hot girls to increase your company’s sales in Fap CEO MOD.

Become a Brilliant CEO

Fap CEO apk MOD revolves around the management of the company where you are the CEO of the company. When you started the company there is only one employee is working in this company, she is a hot girl named Amber. Your company’s field of work is online Video Chat, so work hard together with amber, hire more beautiful and hot girls, and grow your business in the Fap CEO Hack.

Fap CEO apk

Fap CEO apk

Hiring more girls required some office expansion, so make your office more comfortable, and beautiful in Fap CEO MOD . Give salaries to your employees in time, this will make them work hard, this will increase their courage and devotion towards the job. When your employees will happy, they will attract lots of viewers in a very short time thus your company’s sales will increase.

Start Flirting with your Hot Employees

Besides management, mod of Fap CEO allows you to flirt with your hot employees, talk to them by email or direct chat, and see their response. If their response will positive then you are lucky, start texting with them, enjoy sexting at night, ask them for a date, go out for dinner, and enjoy with hot and beautiful girls.

But if their response will negative, you will lose your employee, so be careful while flirting with hot girls. In Fap CEO apk, replace old women with new hot girls to attract more viewers and thus you will earn more profit.

Stunning Graphics

Besides this is a 2D Japanese game, but you will experience stunning and awesome visuals. The game is easy to understand with traditional anime 2D characters. Anime characters are awesome, the female characters are designed so well that they look real, they are beautiful, hot, and seductive so you can’t stop yourself by doing anything to win their heart.

Fap CEO MOD apk

Fap CEO MOD apk


Fap CEO MOD apk is a management-based simulation 18+ game in which you (Player) is CEO of a small Video Chatting company and you are responsible for the growth of the company. You have to work together with your secretary Amber and hire some most beautiful and hot girls, select girls that attract viewers to the company and increase your sales.

You can also flirt with your employees by email or direct chat, if they gave a positive response then you are lucky to chat with them, go for dinner, know each other and finally have a good date. Do whatever to make your company grow.

Features of Fap CEO MOD

  • Hire beautiful girls, know about them and get access to the uncensored hentai content
  • Level-up your girls and make more earning.
  • Sell your company and start over with better and bigger.
  • Unlock more girls after every time you sell your company.
  • Decorate your (CEO) office with unique items for your own advantage.
  • Get access to the collection of sexy pics of your employees and have fun with them.

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Technical Detail of Fap CEO apk MOD

  • Name: Fap CEO MOD
  • Category: Simulation
  • Version: 0.976
  • Android: 4.4 and above
  • Size: 47.2MB
  • Developer: Nutaku
  • Mod Feature: Unlimited Money
Fap CEO Hire

Fap CEO Hire

How to Install Fap CEO

  1. Download both Fap CEO apk and Fap CEO launcher apk.
  2. Tap on each apk file and then tap on install.
  3. Wait a few seconds and installation is done.
  4. Open the Fap CEO launcher and play the game. Enjoy…

Download Fap CEO MOD

You can download Fap CEO by clicking download buttons given below:

Launcher APK File

Fap CEO APK File 0.976

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