FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered APK 1.0.0 free download


FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered APK 1.0.0 free download


The magical beauty of the magical world and boundless love
Good story, happy ending, beautiful world, which one is better?

Final Fantasy is a magical fantasy world with mysterious magical elements that has attracted countless generations of players. Episode 8 of the series has been aired on Playstation since 1999. So far it is officially available on mobile platforms. The remastered version has been significantly improved, the image and motion are smoother than the original. The story will lead players to a fierce battle between the SeeD mercenary group and the future Ultimecia witch army. The character you embody is Squall Leonhart, a talented, handsome but bizarre temperamental leader of a group of mercenaries. He joined his teammates in a battle against magical dictators when he accidentally learned of the evil purpose of the Ultimecia witches, which is to squeeze time to conquer the entire future of humanity. Of course, he defeated all the witches, thanks to his fighting skills, leadership and strong will.


Of course, the plot is indispensable love themes, romantic elements in Final Fantasy games. Immersed in the magical scenes and battles of the game world is the romantic love story with one of Squall’s strategic partners, Rinoa Heartilly. Beautiful love story, beautiful character, talent, happy ending, FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered does not accept the “true love” and sad ending of the platform game addict.


What has been updated in Version VIII Remastered?

It is not a remastered remake or sequel, but based on existing releases. The graphics related to the display and movement of the images have been improved in resolution and some techniques. You can be sure that everything stays the same. Nothing changes about the story, character lines, and gameplay.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has the best visual enhancement in the following details:

The first is about the game’s world map. This is exactly a 3D screen and we can freely navigate around the characters to move around the map in various ways. This map has a very high resolution and makes details appear clearer than ever, making it easier to follow and navigate.

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The next character is the creation of the cast. The CG section looks so much revamped, sharper than before, from the angles, lines to the characters’ expressions. Attracting everyone’s attention, Final Fantasy includes an RPG, fantasy style, romance, and love stories, so the character’s expression is a factor that players are extremely interested in. That’s why we often see these types of games. They tend to have reworked versions and not just that, Square Enix used the VIII Remastered version with artificial intelligence to greatly improve the character’s definition. Scenes are also softened to make everything look smooth. New Built-in Technology: As your character moves away, the scene behind disappears automatically, like the blur effect in the photo. This point of improvement, some people like it, some don’t. Personally, I find it beautiful, but it is unnecessary and sometimes blurring some details I want to see clearly. So it’s nice overall but backfires from the point of view.

What new features have been added to this remastered version?

In addition to the CG and resolution-related sections mentioned above, Square Enix has some minor changes that don’t seem to be significant (only Final Fantasy fans will notice), such as removing the secondary game Chocobo World. The game has 3 cheats, allowing the player to be immortalized without monsters on the battlefield and speed up the game 3 times. But I think you shouldn’t learn this because it loses the beauty of the game. Do what he should continue to get a feel for the wonderful story and environment of the Final Fantasy world.


To talk about the gameplay of FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered, I have one word to say “GF”

GF is short for creatures that are called to protect the main characters. In fact, GF is a long Final Fantasy tradition from the earliest originals, but it must be said that GF’s role in these 8 Remastered was extremely bold. The character will summon the GF to battle to unleash potential powers in creatures, increase power, and fight the player against the enemy. And one of your goals in the game is to collect as many GFs as possible, which will give you various powers on all types of battlefields.

Limit Break is also a key feature

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