FR Legends MOD APK 0.2.9 Free Download

FR Legends

FR Legends MOD APK 0.2.9 Free Download

Present about FR Legends

In FR Legends, FR stands for “front engine, rear wheel drive”. These cars have the front engine and traction at the rear of the vehicle. This is one of the most popular car designs of the 20th century. Currently, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are two automakers who frequently use this design for their products.

Best drift racing game

The races in this game are unlike the ones you often see on TV or in car races like the Grand Pix. It focuses on drift. If you don’t know, drifting is a very difficult skill in racing. It requires hours of practice with specially designed cars. If you are a fan of the Fast and the Furious series, you can see the main characters competing, who do this skill regularly.

The first thing you need to do to win the FR Legends races is master drifting. Most modes and races require you to use this skill to win. Drifting in real life is a professional driving technique. Many people cannot do this. However, you can easily master this technique by combining the rotation of the brake, throttle and steering wheel. The best advice for you is that you should join the practice mode to become familiar with the game’s basic controls and techniques.

FR Legends
FR Legends


There is no control in the FR Legends game screen. Tap the right part of the screen to accelerate the car. The lower left corner of the screen is the brake, above it is the parking brake. The game offers you some other controls such as tilting the device, virtual steering wheel. You can change the controls in Settings.

In addition, you can customize the driver’s appearance by tapping the camera icon on the screen. I usually choose the view from the cockpit, coupled with the real physics of the game gives me a real feeling of driving

FR Legends
FR Legends

Pursuit Race – Main Race

Practice mode allows you to ride without rules or pressure. This is the right place for you to learn the track, control system and drifting skills. You can also challenge yourself in Solo Run mode. Show off the extraordinary drift and create your own high score record. The most prominent mod in FR Legends is Chase Run – Lead Run. In this mode, you will join the race with another player (maybe AI). If you choose Lead Run, your mission is like playing Solo Run, which means trying to drift well to earn a lot of game points. It requires you to have good control of your vehicle and good skills.

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As Chase, the game always requires you to follow the leading car. However, overtaking and collisions with a car driving ahead are not permitted. The green circle behind the car in front tells you the best location to follow this vehicle. To keep a safe distance at all times, you must anticipate the movement of the car ahead. The car with the most points after two rounds will win. In addition, FR Legends also has some great modes like Touch Attack, Multiplayer, Gymkhana, and Championship. Do not miss!

Unlock new cars

In addition to training the skills of an outstanding driver, the supercar collection is also one of the main goals of the player when playing FR Legends. Currently, there are dozens of cars modeled from famous brand cars in the game. It feels great to drive with your favorite cars. In future versions, TWIN TURBO will update many more cars.

The price of super cars is not cheap, more than $ 20,000. To have enough money, you have to save enough time. Also, after a few races, your cars can get damaged and need repair. It may not work as expected if repair is not made.

FR Legends
FR Legends

Custom engine, interior

FR Legends has an extensive vehicle customization system that helps players create cars of their own choice. Players are able to use the car’s bodies, brakes, steering wheel, shock absorbers, engines, wheels, etc. Can customize and upgrade. Also, you can change the paint color according to your taste and style. This is great! The game helped me to become an elite racer with excellent drifting skills as well as an automobile expert with knowledge of engines and interiors.


Despite the realistic physics, FR Legends’ graphics are not very detailed or sharp. Movement and collision are very well done, you feel like you are sitting in a car while sliding. The game can run well on many devices as the graphics are not very high. You can use a mid-range phone with Android 4.1+.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

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