Franco Kernel Manager APK 6.1.12 For Android

Franco Kernel Manager

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Franco Kernel Manager APK 6.1.12 For Android

Franco Kernel Manager APK 6.1.12 For Android – Did you know that even when we put the mobile device into sleep mode, some background tasks still run and even consume a lot of resources? In such cases, you need to know these tasks to disable these tasks both to save battery power and some costs like bandwidth and data. Franco Kernel Manager APK was developed for this purpose. It can give you statistics about the hardware and software running on the device. This way you can control your device better.

Franco Kernel Manager
Franco Kernel Manager

Presentation about Franco Kernel Manager
Franco Kernel Manager is currently available on Google Play. Despite being a paid app, there are over 100,000 direct downloads. That said, how useful and necessary Franco Kernel Manager is. In this article, we will explore what this application has to offer.

What is Franco Kernel Manager?
I would like to confirm once again that Franco Kernel Manager is a software and hardware parameter measurement and statistics application for Android devices. More specifically, Franco Kernel Manager will deeply access memory, core processes and threads on the device. It will take action and adjust statistics to send you. To do this, Franco Kernel Manager needs root privileges even though the application does not modify the original files or add anything to them.

Franco Kernel Manager
Franco Kernel Manager

Franco Kernel Manager has many functions and managers. You can view statistics on CPU clock, uptime, ZRAM, GPU, BUS, battery, Wakelocks or CPU cores. Parameters of each type are statistically recovered fairly quickly. This is probably the strong point of Franco Kernel Manager compared to other device management tools.

Manage and save battery power
Battery is one of the essential elements of a mobile device. Battery saver provides a longer service life, helps batteries have a longer service life, minimizes the need to replace batteries because they are swollen, unstable or broken. Franco Kernel Manager will help you monitor your battery as closely as possible. The app specifically shows you which apps on the device are using the battery, consuming too much battery, and how long for each type. You will know the apps and tasks running in the background to disable.

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In addition, Franco Kernel Manager also has a mechanism to count the runtime with the amount of battery consumed during that time when you turn on the device. It will make an estimate of remaining usage based on the current battery charge level.

Detailed control panel
Franco Kernel Manager provides a control panel where you can view the parameters of the device’s active hardware and software components.

Franco Kernel Manager
Franco Kernel Manager

For example, with a CPU, you can see your clock level over time. Of course, CPU cores are listed with the same features. These are monitored in real time.

And thanks to its root privileges, Franco Kernel Manager can greatly interfere with the operating system and the operation of the hardware. Through the control panel, you can directly interact with your device by setting parameters for operations. For example, set the maximum CPU clock speed and maximum RAM usage while gaming. It is done easily and quickly.

Night shift
In addition to the features mentioned above, Night Shift is a unique feature that I would like to mention in this article. Night Shift is the scene of the screen. The screen will turn yellow automatically according to the program you have set above (level can be adjusted optionally). The fact that blue light (default light mode) is very damaging to your vision when it’s dark, and Night Shift removes this blue light, making you feel softer during use.

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