Frostborn Apk + MOD + Android (Free Craft/Unlocked)

Frostborn Apk + MOD + Android (Free Craft/Unlocked)

Frostborn Apk – Immerse yourself in a true role-playing game full of dynamic and spectacular adventures. Become a great Viking and write your name in the history of ancient Scandinavia in the world of Frostborn!

Frostborn is a new cooperative role-playing game where everyone will find many ways to entertain themselves, for example inviting three more friends to play cooperatively or teaming up with other players in a clan to build a base, attack enemies, and much more. !



In the base, you will be able to store resources and properties, and also play defense against the attacks of enemy clans and enemies. For that you will need strong and thick walls, various traps and some tricks. Don’t let strangers invade your territory! … Or break into other people’s bases and carry out a massacre!

Especially since there are a wide range of weapons and artifacts in Frostborn, each of which serves a set mission with different levels of impact. Even if you tend to switch weapons like socks throughout the game, it will take a while to decide which ax or club is the most fun for stacking corpses!

Game Features:

  • Realistic graphics
  • Cooperative mode up to 4 players
  • PvP and PvE modes
  • Create or join a clan
  • Build a collective base
  • Vast world in the game
  • Lots of locations and dungeons
  • Wide range of weapons
  • Rich crafting system
  • Create transport in game
  • Spectacular world in the setting of ancient Scandinavia
  • Atmospheric sound design

Frostborn stands out not only with exceptional graphics, but also with an extremely picturesque world: Ingard, an emerald land, strewn with lakes and inhabited by various animals. However, Ingard’s breathtaking landscapes are far from inviting – these lands are now awash with hordes of the undead!



Once these creatures came to the world of the living through the door opened by Hel, the goddess of death. She took revenge on Odin, the ruler of Frostborn, for sending her to the underworld: Helheim. Unable to leave the world of the living and move to Helheim, the undead come to Ingard through the gaps between the world of the gods and the world of humans.

The few surviving Vikings summoned all their strength and courage to exile Ingard’s evil and restore Thor and Odin’s grace – this is where your epic quest in Frostborn begins! The battle will be tough, worthy of true Nordic warriors!

Note that in Frostborn you can choose the pace of play that best suits you: leisurely set up your basic crafting items, set up plants, fireplaces and sofas, or jump in a carriage (transport in the game) and go to the world External to dive hunting wild animals, killing undead and fighting with other players.

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Opens all locations in the game including: dangerous underground shrines of Thor and Odin, cursed forests, holy trees and the winter gate, the only passage to the northern lands where the frost giants are believed to live. But be careful, in addition to the obvious dangers hidden in the lands of Ingard, you can also face other reckless players …

Frostborn is a beautiful, serious, relatively complex and modern game with great mechanics and an interesting story. Unravel all the mysteries, defeat Hel and save Ingard! BECOME A WARRIOR WORTHY OF ODIN’S HALL!


– The power system was completely removed
– Most of the plans were reworked.
– Added Raider’s Pick
– Death Recap screen added
– You can now automatically clear the location from the map with the new mercenary markings
– Fixed stacking elements in the input tray
– All equipped items will remain on character after death.
– Gift added to Odin, which allows to receive Mastery Points at the Altar of Odin
– Players now receive a temporary shield when entering tombs.
– The chase distance between monsters and player characters has been reduced.



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