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Following the popularity of Grim Soul, Kefir! continued to develop Frostborn APK, and the game was finally released in May 2019 after a lengthy wait. This is great news for people who already enjoy survival games. We’ve been hoping for a survival game for a long time.

Features Frostborn APK:

Name Frostborn
Updated On 16/07/2021
Package valhalla.survival.craft.z
Publisher Kefir!
Size 210M
Requires Android 4.4
Version (build 218825)
MOD Features No

About Frostborn

Myths story

If you’ve watched the film Thor: Ragnarok, you’ll recognize some of the game’s plots. Frostborn takes place in Ingart, a country of mythology and Viking warriors in Northern Europe. It used to be a beautiful landscape before monsters ruined it. Everything begins when Hela, King Odin’s daughter, is let free after thousands of years imprisoned beneath Helheim. In retribution for her father’s actions, she opened the entrance to the underworld, causing a split between the two realms of gods and mortals.
As a result, the monsters were freed and invaded the human world. The live Viking warriors united to combat the monsters, send them to hell, and keep evil at bay in Ingard. Thor and Odin will recognize the greatest warriors.

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Fight for survival:

You are a warrior of the Vikings. When you wake up in the middle of a kingdom being destroyed by zombies and legendary creatures, you must discover ways to combat and defend innocent people. But first and foremost, you must preserve your life. Hunger is your first adversary. There were no clothing, weapons, or friends, or family. Look for items that will keep you alive. From food and drink to knives, axes, and so forth.Frostborn’s habitat is severe, with low temperatures, necessitating the use of animal trunks or skins to construct clothing.

Keep an eye on your health meters and make sure your character is always in top shape. You can die at any time if your health index is too low. A warrior’s weapons and armor are inevitable. To battle monsters and carnivores, you can craft formidable weapons. After you’ve obtained your weapons, don’t forget to upgrade them after you’ve accumulated enough necessary material. You may do whatever you want when playing this game in particular. The game’s vast world is full of secrets waiting to be discovered.

Frostborn APK
Frostborn APK

4 players co-op mode:

Without the war, a Viking warrior’s life would be quite uninteresting. On your adventure, you will face deadly beasts and a swarm of undead. Fortunately, there are many other online players who are on the same path as you. In each battle, you may form a squad of up to four people to combat the zombies and protect the realm. On the battlefield, we can make true pals. But be cautious. Not every player is talented. Perhaps they intend to assault you in order to grab your resources.

Beautiful ancient Scandinavian scenery:

You will get the finest visual experience when playing this game.Frostborn’s visuals, in my view, outperform Last Day On Earth, one of the best mobile survival games. Ancient Scandinavian views seem as though in an epic fantasy film. It’s even more lovely than I anticipated when I was reading mythology. Everything in the game is depicted in great depth and is realistic, including the characters, snow, and trees. Furthermore, the murky and dark background of a shattered planet elicits dramatic sentiments as well as apprehension. With a top-down view, you can quickly monitor what is going on and react to any scenario.

 Rules of Survival APK
Rules of Survival APK

Download Frostborn APK for Android:

Overall, Frostborn is a fascinating and detailed survival game. The development team takes the game seriously, and they continually strive to provide you with the greatest experience possible through updates. When you can’t locate what the game demands, you may become frustrated and irritated.
But it is this aspect of the game that draws people in. There are several mysteries that have yet to be solved. You may sense your understanding is incredibly limited whether you have played a game for a month or a year.

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