Fury Survivor: Pixel Z APK 1.064 For Android

Fury Survivor

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z APK 1.064 For Android

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z APK 1.064 –  from Leiting Games publisher is an RPG that adds elements of a survival game.

Fury Survivor
Fury Survivor

Presentation about Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

The game takes place in the apocalyptic world where the world has just experienced the zombie disease. Unlike the current survival game, the special feature of Fury Survival is the classic pixel style graphics that bring nostalgia to the player. When you play this game, you will participate in a crazy blood and meat feast where the human brain eater is your prey.

A government drug test led to the leak of the Z virus. It spreads rapidly all over the world, causing infected individuals to grow into living corpses and continue to seek healthy hosts to spread the disease.

Fury Survivor
Fury Survivor

When the world becomes chaotic with the Z virus, the main character of the game loses his wife and daughter. Don’t know if they’re alive, or worse, joining the zombie club? He must fight and clear the zombies in all the lands he passes to find his wife and daughter. Everyone’s life is very fragile. A single bite of a zombie can cause you to lose everything.

How to play
In Last Day On Earth (MOD Free Craft), you have to start empty-handed and find the necessary tools before fighting the dangers. Fury Survivor: Pixel Z accelerated this progress. As soon as the game starts, you will start a real feast of blood and meat. Collect the necessary weapons and plunge into hordes of bloodthirsty zombies on the streets and show them who is the true owner of the Earth.

Fury Survivor
Fury Survivor

Virus Z has created many types of zombies, these could be ordinary humans, a dog, and even a mutated dragon. No matter who your enemy is, you must fight to survive and ignite hope of finding your wife and daughter.

As this is a chaotic and brutal world, you must have the necessary items for your adventure. An ordinary person needs food, water, clothes, medicine, fire-fighting tools to survive in this situation… Also, if you want to protect yourself from zombie bites, armor, shoes, hats, weapons, ammunition are also very important.

In Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, guns are your only friend. This is what will help you become a true zombie hunter. There are many weapons you can use to kill zombies. You can find guns, grenades or drop them to the dead zombies on the street. Destroying cars, junk, and chests also reveals powerful weapons. Just a baseball bat is enough for a party.

After completing the 3rd part, a place called camp will be opened. This is a place that provides free food and water to survivors. Especially zombies cannot defeat this camp’s defense system. This is also the intersection between the two episodes, through these camps you can move on to the new episode or replay the previous episode.

Graphics and interface
Unlike Last Day On Earth, the graphics in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z are designed in classic pixel style. This gives players new experiences and nostalgia to replace existing games on the market. The voices, screams and old footage of the zombies will make your fear bigger than ever.

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On the main interface:

  • The red bar is your HP.
  • The blue bar indicates your character’s thirst.
  • The orange bar indicates how hungry your character is. If the orange stick is too small, quickly eat foods like carrots, fruits …

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