Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall APK 1.10.1 For Android

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall APK 1.10.1 For Android

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall APK 1.10.1 – Game of Thrones is a famous television series. “When you play the game of throne, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. “Not only has it attracted big audiences around the world through its TV screens, it has also been adapted into a game to give everyone a chance to be a part of the story. Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall APK is creating the game’s original story, season six Are you ready to explore?

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

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This game is published by Behavior Interactive, developer of Dead by Daylight. With its gameplay with bold tactics and sharp graphics, the game promises hours of fun to the players.

The Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall event begins with the disappearance of Lord Commander Brynden Rivers. He caused some chaos when he was not the leader of the Night’s Watch. Immediately afterward, it caused Viserion to die with the Night King, Jon, Daenerys, and their remaining dragons heading north to find a way to end the war. It failed, even Jon almost couldn’t come back when he was buried under the ice. Benjen Stark risked his life to save Jon’s life from him while fighting alone with the White Walkers.

Upon returning to Eastwatch, Daenerys promised to pay the Night King dearly. Jon and his masters accepted the leadership of this powerful woman to make up for the great loss.

The game and the story are closely linked. The first target you should aim for is the Night King and his White Walkers. The instructions at the beginning of the game show that you must summon heroes in Night’s Watch to fight enemies trying to cross The Wall.

The battle takes place on a checkered (called area) map. When it comes to your turn, you will choose the skill for each hero, move him to different positions and choose the enemy that will deal damage. This turn-based game is quite familiar to anyone who has experienced the strategy game mixing RPGs. It is also very easy to understand intuitively that attacks can only be carried out for each enemy in front and meet the requirement that the target is in an area where the character can attack.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

As stated earlier, Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is based on the original storyline of the 6th season in the Game of Thrones series. Text descriptions of the story, NPC characters, and quest systems will appear to provide you with information. From here, you can get a complete overview of what’s happening and what needs to be done.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall has many areas to explore. New lands will open when you complete the challenge in existing lands and destroy all enemies. There are new dangers and dangerous traps that can kill anyone who comes.

There are many haunted forests at Weirwood Forays. There is a lot of important information that the system requires you to collect. Lead the Night’s Watch on Milkwater River to put down dangers before they go deeper into your area, or challenge your courage as you explore the Expedition. This game is designed to show your tactical skill. Find a way to conquer everything that comes your way and show the power of a leader.

Role play and be part of the story
If you’ve seen this drama before and sometimes want to be a strong woman like Daenerys Targaryen or a brave warrior like Jon Snow, your chance is here. Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall brings together many of the characters you have ever thought of.

Each has a different destiny, and they take on different roles in the fight for The Wall. It is this factor that makes the game more attractive when players can see the overall story in many different ways.

Develop tactics for battles
Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is a strategy game, so you can’t freestyle to win. The developer does not allow this. I tested this to fight against four enemies when all my strength was just Jon Snow.

When I first failed I stopped in the middle of the map and there were lots of empty cells around. All three surrounded the area and dealt damage in one shot. The lone warrior stretches after the next attack.

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Second, I realized that all enemies can just stand in front of me and attack. Since they are swordsmen, they do not have cross attack skills like archers. So I moved Jon to the edge of the cliff, when it was only a 1v1 fight the fight became more balanced. I finally beat all three.

As you can see, a larger number doesn’t necessarily mean an advantage. It requires you to put the characters in a reasonable position, to think, to win.

The above are only part of the Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall strategy. It depends on the abilities of both characters. If Jon cannot take the health of his enemies from him, it is quite difficult to defeat three enemies with limited health.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Another issue I want to talk about is units. They are divided into open classes. Archers can help When forward, the swordsman blocks his movements and can deal damage to two areas close together. The developer also provides information for each unit. You can read it to catch more details.

Behavior Interactive really knows how to impact gamers. They didn’t build the plot alone, but designed a beautiful graphic platform to recreate the battles in The Wall in the most realistic way possible.

It is meticulously designed from small details to scenes in a snow forest or battlefield. With an expression of the character, the actors can watch how their psychology evolves throughout the story.

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