Good Pizza, Great Pizza MOD APK 3.8.2 (Unlimited Money) Free Downolad

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza MOD APK 3.8.2 (Unlimited Money) Free Downolad

Good Pizza, Great Pizza  is a pizza shop management and simulation game from publisher TapBlaze. The game has simple gameplay, attractive colors, vivid music, suitable for all ages.

Game for kids, but content and experience for adults

While playing this game, you don’t need any complicated skills, just drag, press, touch the screen. And the necessity of each shift is as simple as a joke: just respond to the customer’s request and make your satisfaction bar as high as possible. Once you have served a guest and made them feel satisfied, you will be paid a good deal.
The pizza making process is also very simple: choose the base, choose ingredients like sauce, cheese . sprinkle a dose that you think suits the customer’s needs. Then cook it, cut pizza, deliver to customers, collect money. Sounds easy right?

Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Good Pizza, Great Pizza

But life always has a word “but”. If it’s just that, it’s impossible to include many players, especially finicky ones like me. The problem with the pizzeria is that they always find odd customers. It has requirements beyond your imagination. For example, a cute girl wants to order a pizza in the color of the sunset. Do you understand what that girl said, she? A shy boy, but wants to buy a pizza “hot like his ex.” Some customers even tell you a long story, then want to order a pizza that reminds them of their childhood. You are just a pizzeria, how do you deal with all this?

Always remember “the customer is king”

I would like to briefly talk about the concept of “satisfied bar” in this game. You can roughly understand: Satisfaction Bar = Time + Satisfaction. Not everyone is comfortable and not all customers have one or two requests.

But because the customer is always king. So this is what you need to do:

  • Ask again until you understand the customer’s request. But keep in mind that if you ask many times the satisfaction level will drop, which means they are starting to get angry.
  • And spending a lot of time wondering also means the cooking time isn’t long. Sometimes you have to go crazy to run every second with time.
  • Finally, you need to make sure you finish the pizza before the full waiting time, but you also need to comply with the customer’s requirements to get the money.

This is exactly the gameplay as it goes, the process is still that simple, but the difficulty level and speed of the game are adjusted more and more. This has been proven by many customers. They become disappointed and confused, and the time needed to be patient is less and less. Now do you understand why I’m saying that this “difficult experience” is adult?

Money issues, upgrades, and some bad clients

What is customer earning used for? Buy new ingredients, improve the store’s service quality, renovate some areas, diversify the pizza, do some marketing, and even use money to buy the “Freeze the Satisfaction Bar” function, which reduces the satisfaction bar in the slowest way possible.

Beautiful and eye-catching retro graphics

The game and the content is just that. But like I said, it’s hard to get out of this world if you’re really playing. Because not only are we fun gameplay, tons of fun challenges, but we also have solid graphics and color expertise. I dare you to find a similar theme game with good retro game art like this one.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Good Pizza, Great Pizza

And the color? If you think cooking games need to be colorful, Good Pizza, Great Pizza will change that mindset. Color, refinement, standard retro color scheme BUT still reflects the beauty and flavor of every pizza. And the people and characters in the game are abundant. Just by looking at their faces, you can imagine how they were feeling, hard or pleasant. Very intuitive and detailed.

The music is not rushed, not flashy, not too modern, not fluid enough to be fun, exciting and engaging.

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MOD Feature

  • Unlimited money – you have a lot of money.

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