Grow Survivor MOD APK 6.2.7 (Free Inu2011app Purchase) Free Download

Grow Survivor

Grow Survivor MOD APK 6.2.7 (Free Inu2011app Purchase) Free Download

The shooting history of opposites.

There are games full of paradoxes and contradictions in the mobile gaming world. I thought the game had a detailed storyline, but it really didn’t. I thought it would be pretty bloody, but there was no blood left in the end. And I thought fighting the zombies would be intense, but it’s actually very relaxing and comfortable. Grow Survivor is such a game.

Grow Survivor
Grow Survivor

Unexpectedly, all these unexpected contradictions are the actors’ shots that make them fall into the sweet trap and stay inside for hours without even realizing they are addicted. You play as an Apocalypse survivor in Grow Survivor. The mission does not say we know that you will find a way to survive, hunt zombies and research vaccines, save the world.

How to play

Actually, I do not want to talk about the playability of this game. Because … he really has nothing to say. The operation is so simple that my cat can fight zombies too. All you have to do is touch the screen to kill the zombies.

But simplicity doesn’t mean it’s boring. It’s easy to kill one or two zombies. But you have to do a lot to kill the huge zombie horde. Gather materials to make weapons, then upgrade them, collect accessories to support them as needed, then constantly switch weapons with dozens of weapons provided by the game.

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You can also create your own elite robot army to help you quickly destroy many mindless zombies. And of course, you have to overcome the numerous challenges (mini-games) offered by the system to collect the necessary items. All this is just not wanted to be done. You also need to have thinking, strategies, and a perfect plan. I said from the very beginning that this game is itself a mountain of contradictions.

Gradually, the game will also allow you to choose your own character and choose many different weapons to carry. But trust me, looking at guns and characters isn’t all that different because they’re all just retro pixel graphic pixels. The difference is only in color.

This retro game will bring your childhood back

An important point I want to mention in this game is the graphic style of Grow Survivor. As you already know, retro represents a trend you will encounter in every field and even if you don’t want to. People always say everything will come back. Nostalgia is no longer a style, but a lifestyle.

The retro style of the game is pretty weird. If you are Gen Z, do you remember the first games you played on a console? They’re pretty cumbersome, fun, and almost only use a single Pixel graphic. All images, gestures and actions in the game are pixels mounted on the screen. Just by looking at these pictures again, you will see the paradise of childhood return.

And here we have a retro game worth playing, Grow Survivor. This design makes an inherently heavy subject easy, light, and even pretty cute. Grow Survivor has all the classic features of a retro game, from design to color scheme and gameplay. However, you cannot guess how much work the little characters in the game will have to do until they actually hit the “Play” button.

Everything came to a head again with the participation of the background music. Playing zombie games starting decades ago, when you wore wide jeans, bob hair, did you know that? I was a little surprised when the first irritating music came out. Nobody thought that this matter would be “the fashion of the seventies and eighties”. But it’s this strange musical background that fits perfectly into the pixel style of the game.

MOD Feature

  • Buy items with real money for free.

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