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Half-Life 2

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Half-Life 2 APK 79 For Android

Half-Life 2 APK 79 – Episode 2 of the legendary shooter Half-Life 2 has officially released a version for Android. You can download APK and OBB files of this game for free from APKMODY.

Presentation about Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 was born after the success of its predecessor after five years of development. The legendary shooter has two sequels, the first episode and the second episode. However, only the original version of the game was released on Android. You can download the game for $ 9.99 on Google Play or for free from our website.

Half-Life 2 continues to build the plot five years after the previous installment. Hero Gordon Freeman and his scientists accidentally searched a space portal and allowed them to teleport to other planets. During an experiment, Freeman’s team got into an accident. Most of the people have disappeared, but the protagonist has awakened a mysterious man named G-Man.

Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2

When the event occurred, the space portal created a huge force field that attracted the attention of the alien Combine race. They followed the signal with advanced technology and discovered the Earth. This incident caused a big fight. The mighty empire of the Combine race invaded Earth, quickly assimilated people and gave a command to search for the space portal.

Gordon Freeman is one of the lucky ones who has yet to be identified. Will he do something to push Combie away and reclaim Earth?

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In Half-Life 2, you’ll play as the main character Gordon Freeman, who accompanies him on his journey to reclaim Earth from the Combine empire.

The content of the game is divided into sections. Inside, you will play the fields, defeat the Combine army and find allies.

Although Half-Life 2 is a first-person shooter and has a story like Call of Duty Mobile, the content flow and character development and environment are completely different. Gordon Freeman could find new allies to fight together. Meanwhile, some special NPCs also provided him with guns and weapons, including “gravity guns”.

The gravity gun is an innovation in the Half-Life series. You can easily lift and manipulate airborne objects. This way Freeman will manipulate enemies to defeat them and pass the stages.

Enjoy interesting stories that have never been told
Compared to the first episode, Half-Life 2 has many improvements including content. You will go on adventures in many regions, from Earth to other planets in the universe.

Some notable places in it are Nova Prospekt prison and the city of Ravenholm. Combine captures your teammates. To save them you will have to fight a huge number of soldiers, monsters and corpses, you will continue the revolution against the invaders of the universe.

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Half-Life 2 has many special details. You can discover this as you play different parts. I will not disclose it here because messing up can spoil the fun of the game.

Unlock powerful weapons to defeat enemies.
Half-Life 2 does not provide weapons to players. The player starts off with an iron bar for self-defense. Then try to move around and look for more powerful weapons.

Pistols are the most powerful and popular weapon. You can use it to defeat enemies, or you can use vehicles and explosives (bombs, gas tanks, fuel, fire and traps).

The enemies of the Combine empire are very diverse. They also organize attacks with different tactics to destroy you. Sometimes you will have to deal with a large group. At other times, he is ambushed by Manhack creatures in dark and tight places. Depending on the situation, you should always choose the right weapon to be on the lookout for dangers.

Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 also offers player support from time to time. The player may have several soldiers belonging to the resistance side or accompanying medical units. The characters are designed like the first version, including a health feature bar and the ability to use items. You will need to try to protect Freeman from enemy attacks and also use healing aids when he is injured. Otherwise, the situation may get worse and cause you to play again.

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