Happy Pet Story Virtual Pet Game MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Happy Pet Story

Happy Pet Story Virtual Pet Game MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Happy Pet Story is a fun game for everyone

who loves a kind of social simulation game, loves pets, has unconditional love for animals, and enjoys meticulous tricks, should definitely see Happy Pet Story once in their life. You can say whatever you want, but I saw a semi-success without going into details because Happy Animal Tale, a “city of happiness” was created for me. A place where there is only peace, relaxation and love. Whatever character you play here, you can decorate your home yourself, choose costumes, buy furniture, care for and care for pets.
Those around you are cute and charming neighbors who love to chat and make fun of everyone. But if they agree to play together (called mini-games), the reward is also valuable, it might even be an expensive piece of furniture you’re looking for.

In this summary, Happy Pet Store is on the list of home entertainment simulation games worth playing in 2021.

Happy Pet Story
Happy Pet Story

What’s in the “happy world” in the Happy Pet Store?

The first one is about you, the player. We can transform ourselves into a charming resident or a handsome handsome tiger in the city. After all, they’re all cute characters. The character you choose has so many choices that it’s dizzying because you have so much to choose from: from shirts to pants to shoes to bags. Choose which one you want (of course, you should have points to choose from). After you finish dressing up, make a spin from the figure to the character’s expression is adorable. I think the graphics are especially nice for children and young people.
Next is the pet collection. One of your most important tasks in the Happy Pet Store is to raise and care for a virtual pet you have previously selected from the game gallery. Raising pets in real life is the same in the game. Naming, giving milk, feeding, sending to nursery, buying clothes, going to the doctor, walking in the park, playing games, cleaning and bathing… There are also many mini games in the game. In the process of raising a pet, you will earn rewards, mostly items for continuing to take better care of the pet.

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Decorate the house of your dreams

The next part that I personally enjoy is the self-decoration of rooms, apartments, houses in general. Everyone knows this paragraph, all girls are very interested. The game also allows you to decorate a room in dreamy color tones. Furniture needs to score points to buy it, but that’s okay because the neighborhood store has lots of great furniture. Be patient to play mini games. Each door can bring back many beautiful decorations. Finally, you will also get an improved Before After animation that is quite noticeable.
The game circuit is basically small to large, more or less neat and regularly free of annoying bugs. In self-designed games like this, there are some very annoying little mistakes for players, such as clothes that cannot be collected, furniture that cannot be arranged according to their wishes … But the Happy Pet Store does not exist. It seems that the manufacturer was very careful and careful in every detail.

Happy Pet Story
Happy Pet Story

There is a small but indispensable section: about mini games. Mini games are everywhere when you play with neighbors or with pets or stroll around the streets, visit the homes of friends and acquaintances. And what the Happy Pet Store mini games are is very diverse and attractive. Sure, not all games are as fun as you can enjoy, but overall you wouldn’t mind playing.

And finally, the most distinctive feature of Happy Pet Store is the ability to customize everything including rooms, costumes, accessories, personal items, furniture. There are over 200 outfits for your character, each unique model, over 300 furniture and over 200 different looks. There are many neighbors. I just played a few scenes and saw more than 10 neighbors. The more you play, the wider the network and the more friends and acquaintances you will have. You will meet many friends by talking while walking down the street at that time.

Happy Pet Story
Happy Pet Story

What’s new in 2021

The developer is very meticulous about updating, so Happy Pet Store fans can rest assured, so the latest version in 2021 has the following new features:

  • Furniture store, fashion store, salon, cafeteria … all increased the number of products + 10%.
  • Adds a health indicator (displayed when feeding pets)
  • The music is softer. Accessing clothes from above is no longer an inconvenience. The starting point is also significantly reduced (the starting point is the player’s rating in the game. At this point, the score must be very high to reach this list, but now

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download : Happy Pet Story

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