HBO Max MOD APK (Free Subscription) For Android


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HBO Max MOD APK (Free Subscription) For Android

HBO Max MOD APK –  version is like a window that will open the movie world to you. Enjoy hundreds of thousands of blockbusters, cinemas, superhero movies, movies exclusive to Warner Bros, all waiting for you to discover.

Present on HBO Max

Best movie streaming service for Android
With more than 100 years of development history, movies are increasingly becoming one of everyone’s basic entertainment needs. Many people choose to sit at home and enjoy good and meaningful movies together on holidays or weekends. Filmmakers continue to publish quality products in many genres such as action, horror, adventure, comedy, love every year …


Because of the increasingly busy life, you can’t take the time to enjoy your favorite movies in theaters. That’s why online movie streaming platforms were born to help users watch movies anywhere, they just need a phone with an internet connection.

To compete with competitors like Netflix Premium or Hotstar Premium in the digital age, HBO, a company with seven dedicated 24-hour movie channels in all countries, developed the HBO Max service platform to deliver pay-per-use movies online. method. Users only need to pay a monthly amount (about $ 10), they can enjoy all HBO copyrighted movies, including TV series, movies and TV shows. Of course, Game of Thrones or Warner Bros. Includes HBO movies as well as superhero movies.

There is no difficulty in using HBO Max. This application has an easy to use interface. The movie categories are elegantly arranged on the left side of the screen. You can easily search for your favorite movie by movie title, actor name, director name or category. If you have no clue about the weekend, check out the Explore category with tons of great suggestions based on your viewing history.

See all WarnerMedia content
When you pay for HBO Max, you can enjoy over 10,000 hours of viewing, including projected movies, current and future movies (if you keep updating). See the entire WanerMedia content store, featuring third-party movies and TV shows copyrighted by HBO.


HBO Max’s content collection has nearly 100 years of history, including movies from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, TNT, TBS, Crunchyroll, Looney Tunes. Enjoy popular TV shows like An American Pickle, The Witches, Lovecraft Country, Raised by Wolves, South Park, Rick and Morty, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The West World, Gossip Girl … a must have HBO Max device on your Android device. HBO Max bought the copyright for this movie, which means they will only show 11 old seasons alongside the new seasons in the future.

Enjoy exclusive superhero movies from Warner Bros
At a time when countries are struggling with the Covid-19 virus, HBO has published shocking news, announcing that it will release new movies as they are released in theaters. This means we can enjoy Wonder Woman 1984 at Christmas. Hard to believe, right? If nothing changes, we will continue to enjoy desirable movies such as The Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad 2 on the HBO Max platform.

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Instead of spending a few tens of dollars on two movie tickets, you can invite your girlfriend to your home and watch your favorite movies together. Don’t forget to buy popcorn and soda. I think the sofa in the house will be more comfortable than in the cinema. Nobody will disturb you, you don’t need to waste time wandering around (if there is no cinema in your area). The HBO Max service is great and offers users plenty of options to watch movies during quarantine.

You can enjoy not only movies, but also all Warner Bros blockbusters like Aquaman, Justice League, Batman vs Superman … Animation series about our childhood like Teen Titans, Batman: The Animated Series, The Killing Joke, Flash point,… Also available in HBO Max.

HBO Max helps customize user experience
HBO Max allows you to create up to 5 profiles, thus creating recommendations and collections based on each person’s viewing history. This feature is very useful when you share your movie accounts with other members of your family. Each profile has its own name, interface, and fully independent movie listings. With child-friendly profiles, all content not suitable for children will be removed thanks to HBO Max’s smart filter.


What is impressive about HBO Max compared to other online movie streaming platforms is that the movies are recommended by HBO staff, not AI. They have a lot of experience in customer service but also have a passion for movies and a lot of knowledge, they will give you great advice.

MOD APK version of HBO Max

MOD feature

  • Free subscription
  • Ad-free

Download : HBO Max

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