Head Soccer MOD APK 6.12.2 (Unlimited Money) Free Downolad

Head Soccer MOD APK

Head Soccer MOD APK 6.12.2 (Unlimited Money) Free Downolad

Head Soccer: Back to childhood with Tsubasa

When playing sports games on PC, console and phone, I come to the following conclusion: The simpler the game, the more interesting the game, the more opportunities you have to demonstrate your strategy. There’s no denying that 3D sports games with detailed images always gave me a sense of fire and charm, especially when talking about football and baseball. But this is just the beginning. Later, you will feel overwhelmed and tired when there is a lot to worry about. Especially when strategy, skills and tactics are key in sports.

This is the first reason I tried to play Head Soccer, just with a really cute poster.

Playing football is easier than you think

The simplicity of Head Soccer’s gameplay may surprise you. There are no 3D characters, no glowing effects, and no lit matches. This is about football and football is over. Each team is so minimal that there is now only one player left. Manipulating the game requires simply jumping, kicking the ball into the net to earn points, GOL. But it is this minimalism in everything that gives you time to think, apply, and show all your “tricks” in every game. The ultimate goal is to get the ball to the goal.
However, unlike real life, you can accumulate your achievements to learn very powerful skills in Head Soccer game. For example, you can throw lightning, shoot at the opponent, and easily get the ball into the net in less than a second. If you win after each match you will get extra points (in-game currency). With enough points, the level increases, you have the opportunity to upgrade players or buy new players. Of course, the AI ​​is also boosted depending on the strength of the player you currently have.

Head Soccer
Head Soccer

Every game is fun

Each game is played in a different area. The change and diversity in this context also contributed to the excitement of the game. Players are also very diverse, with a wide variety of styles, skin colors, and physique. Of course, appearance does not affect the actor’s skill and strength.

Is the game limited in time or skill?

The good answer is “no”. And there is no limit to not only time, not skill but other factors. The match ends when one of the two successfully hits the ball in the opponent’s goal.

There is also no limit to points and achievements. So the fact that you constantly have new skills, new strategies and new players throughout the game. There are no boring moments when playing this game.

It takes a day to list them all in terms of skills. Basically, if you have enough success to unlock it and you are using it in the right place. In addition to real football skills in the game, there are also skills you only see in Tsubasa, such as firing a fire, freezing opponents, slowing down the speed of the ball … You unlock as many skills as possible. It might work at some point.

The game includes both online and offline modes.

And if you are not satisfied with 1vs1 with AI opponents, you can also participate in custom tournaments. You design the rules of the game, name it, decorate it, set the rules, and then invite your friends to play online together. Each match is also held in this 1v1 format and of course this time opponents are no longer AI but online players. The excitement, the inspiration to compete has also increased a lot.
If further divided, the game currently has 7 different game modes: Arcade, Tournament, Survival, League, Head Cup, Death Mode, Fight Mode. Explore everything slowly.

Head Soccer
Head Soccer

Player updates

Your money (points) is used to upgrade players, buy costumes and pets. Each player has 6 indicators including speed, kick, jump, run, survival, strength. You must know each player’s strengths and weaknesses to improve that player’s key stats.

Graphics and sound

Can Call Head Soccer is the most minimal soccer game of all time. While playing the game, you will be overwhelmed by cute and funny graphics. From the creation of the characters to the color, the details, the background, everything is vibrant, harmonious and beautiful.

Music is exciting, not rhetorical, but great fun, fun. When blended harmoniously, the background music skills are very appealing.

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MOD Feature

  • Unlimited money – you have a lot of money.

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