Heroes Inc! MOD APK 1.0.3 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Heroes Inc! MOD APK

Heroes Inc! MOD APK 1.0.3 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Heroes Inc !: The hero of Marshmallow will save the world

The story looks very classic. However, the first image will surprise you. As glamorous as we can imagine, not heroic. Do you consider yourself a heroic, handsome and brave hero, armed and armored? No, that’s just what you think, the developer doesn’t believe it.

A very convincing opening, but the hero was very disappointed.
As long as you have the talent and power, you will be a hero. Name, style, or appearance are sometimes not important. Heroes Inc! this will give me a slightly humble start because the hero you choose is just a colorful doll. It looked very funny and reminded of a marshmallow. I agree that every color hero has a great ability to fire lasers, fire guns, shoot rockets … but this disappointing look makes me feel so fun. And this funny difference that got me started playing.

The game is simple and fun for all ages.

First of all, we must know Heroes Inc! It is a game inspired by game consoles set up in public places. In this way, everything from the game style, the rules of the game to the graphics has been minimized.

Heroes Inc
Heroes Inc

Even if you’re a superman strong enough to lift a tall building, it’s still just a “delight”. You don’t have the “cool” look like Batman or Superman, but you can still fight all enemies. About the controls, tap the edges of the screen to move the character left and right, tap the attack button to control the hero to attack. So much. Nothing complicated, right?

You can choose your hero at the beginning of the game. They just look alike, with different colors and weapons. There is no difference in mobility or firing bullets. Remember everyone, don’t expect too much.

Classic plot, “creative” look

His story is not long, it can only be summed up in a few words at a time. In general, our world is under the attack of an army of aggressive alien robots. Our mission is to create one of history’s greatest superheroes, build laboratories, experiment with different powers and then use those weapons against enemies.

Heroes Inc! Play ‘, don’t be afraid of running out of scenes or enemies. The enemies are endless as the scenes are almost numerous. Because building the game on a simple graphics platform, expanding and diversifying the game scene becomes quite easy and light. You can kill as many times as you want with this game. Not to mention that our hero can unlock hundreds of weapons on the journey.
To face an infinite number of enemies.
Talk about enemies again. The army of robots you fight with is very diverse. Various types, sizes, shapes and colors. I wonder if there is excessive developer bias when the hero appearance is even worse than these robots. Anyway, we don’t need looks to be heroes, right?

Heroes Inc
Heroes Inc

Even if everything is easy, you have to be careful because there are many types of robots and they clump together like ants. The enemy has surrounded you in many ways approximately and you are alone. They come in many genres that have many roles in war. Some robots are tanker trucks, they are very durable and difficult to die. The robots behind them have weapons like laser guns that can kill you at any moment. You need a clear strategy in every battle, using your skills and strength to defeat traps and enemies.

Fortunately, you have powerful skills and weapons.

And by the way, don’t just focus on shooting the robots, don’t forget to collect as much gold as possible. The more money, the more likely you are to level up the weapons. The powerful arsenal can help you overcome large robots more smoothly and easily. But after all you are alone and still a marshmallow hero.


MOD Feature

  • Unlimited money – you have a lot of money.

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