High Heels MOD APK 1.2.3 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)Free Download

High Heels!

High Heels MOD APK 1.2.3 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)Free Download

High heels  When life is high heels

Silly but addicting

The game world is where you find all kinds of monstrosities in this life. Usually this game. High Heels! You control the high-heeled walking character in. Not ordinary high heels as you might think, but real “feet” like this one.

Playing the role of a girl in a lot of characters from scratch, you will start your life by collecting as many heels as possible while walking along roads full of obstacles. The more heels you buy, the higher the shoe you walk on. Thus? Go ahead and break through the obstacles in the most subtle and humorous way to the point of being ridiculous. Each level continues with greater difficulty and obstacle density, and of course only a pair of “high enough” heels can help you pass easily to continue to the next round. Nervous but don’t think too much
High heels! Using the same game as Stair Run or Tower Run is very relaxing and totally comfortable. No enemies, no final boss, no sensational cutting moves. Your only enemies are the obstacles on the road and yourself. The Ultimate Goal of High Heels! It’s clear without hiding from the beginning: climb to the top at the ultimate level. After each victory, there was a circle of fans around to launch fireworks to enthusiastically congratulate them.

Some tricks

Like many other games, you always have a certain desire to immerse yourself in High Heel challenges! And in order to reach the final level, you will have to beat the previous rounds with the highest possible score. It is not easy to do this. In addition to gathering enough heels to get your way, it’s important to remember:

  1. Find a way to overcome obstacles at the lowest points because the more you touch the hill, the more heels disappear.
  2. Among the cycles, the hardest is the rope-riding struggle. In these scenes, it is best to be in the middle of the string, keeping the character’s hand as steady as possible to avoid losing balance.

    High Heels!
    High Heels!
  3. You can also take a selfie and get more excited by collecting more gems along the way. There are 600 gems that can be exchanged for a new costume. There are some very cool and trendy items: dog bag, chokers, angel wings. But just like in real life, the clothes or accessories I buy only help me to be prettier and keep playing whatever the height of the heels. In particular, Zynga is pretty “ad junkie”, so if you patiently watch 2-3 commercials after a tour, you can even unlock a new character.
  4. However, remember not to be overtaken by the reward, as many gems are stuck somewhere in the corner of the obstacle. If you focus on it, you could easily get trapped and lose too much of your heel.
    The character’s attractive art style and flexible gait have preoccupied me with observation many times. Whatever you do, remember not to be distracted, but focus on the road ahead because the more obstacles they follow, the more obstacles they will always appear unexpectedly.
  5. High heels! From the first level, it is quite psychological when it gives the player the chance to choose from a variety of characters, from hot Nicky to handsome agents and even aliens.

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This is also the factor that makes your viral speed so fast. If you are an office girl, housewife, or boy, you can play High Heel in the crowd without being embarrassed. I can pick a handsome Agent 47 after seeing 3 postings. Isn’t the male character cool wearing Drag Queen shoes?

MOD Features

  • limited money
  • Ad-free

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