Hunt Royale MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money) Free download

Hunt Royale MOD APK

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Hunt Royale MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money) Free download

Promote on Hunt Royale is the publisher that won the hearts of gamers with popular games like Tiny Gladiators, Driving School Simulator, and Ramp Car Jumping. Recently, they released a new PVE action game called Hunt Royale.

The hunts are full of dangers

The world you are about to explore is full of dangers and ferocious beasts. And as a hunter, you will hunt them with the special weapons that the system provides. And in the midst of these dangers, your teammates are side by side. There are four modes available in Hunt Royale, including Classic, Co-op, Boss Hunt, and Bounty Hunter. With the PVE nature in a hunting game, teammates play a supporting role and compete with each other on the leaderboard.
The objective will change in each different game mode. Each time a party member completes the assigned objective, the game will end and you will move on to new levels. Of course, you can customize your character after the match to suit the battle you are about to participate in.

Hunt Royale
Hunt Royale


As mentioned, Hunt Royale has four game modes and the objective in each mode is different.

In classic mode, you will join the battle to hunt monsters for a limited time. This war will end when the last survivor is found or time is up. The points then determine who will win. And, like the most common ways of scoring, killing monsters earns points (experience, of course). The stronger the monster, the more points it will bring. However, you must choose your strength to face the monsters within the ability to destroy. Because if your character is killed, you have no chance of winning.

Next up is cooperative mode, where you and a player team up to fight a wave of monsters to protect the king. While the number of players will be small, the monsters will not tend to decrease, but will cause more difficulties.

Third, the boss hunt mode (Boss Hunt): where groups of 4 will fight together and defeat the boss bosses to complete the quest. Boss bosses are usually very strong and have great fighting skills. You should not play 1-1, join others and try to move fast to avoid attacks.

Finally, the bounty hunting mode (Bounty Hunter), where you will fight with 9 other players. This is arguably the most competitive mode, as it follows the conventions of the well-known Battle Royale genre. Show your fighting ability to survive to the end!


Hunt Royale
Hunt Royale

Hunt Royale has up to 30 different character systems. Each character in the game has special abilities and their own personal statistics. You can see the details of these statistics by tapping on that character.

Characters can be upgraded. This process consumes a lot of money, but in return it gives you a lot more features like damage, HP, range, and defense. Of course, these stats will automatically increase as the character’s level increases.

Finally, the characters will unlock new fighting skills at levels 6, 8 and 10. However, as more fighting skills emerge, it means that you will participate in more difficult battles.

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MOD Feature

  • limited money

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