Hypocam MOD APK 2.3.2 (Premium Unlocked) For Android


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Hypocam MOD APK 2.3.2 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

Hypocam MOD APK 2.3.2 –  is an application that specializes in taking black and white photos. With just a few simple grab, tap and select manipulations, you have an unprecedented artistic photo that you can post to Instagram and Facebook.

Hypocam: A cool obsession called “Black and White”

Black & White passion
Life is every moment. Do you feel like me? Sometimes color photographs only have a temporary value at a particular turning point, and when the pace of life goes up too fast, it is easy to sink into the crowd. However, black and white images are permanent over time and more attached to people of every era. Wherever and whenever you live, a black and white image is always what captures the moment of your life in the most authentic, simple and pure way.


I haven’t mentioned that there are so many strange phobias in the world yet. Some people are obsessed with color, others are drawn to black and white. If you are in the second group or have the same thoughts about life and time but still have trouble finding a suitable film camera for dreamy black and white images, this divine tool is for you. And I think after reading this, you may urgently need to download this Hypocam to experience what I said.

Hypocam is a mobile application for black and white enthusiasts. All functions of the console and the app and the output (images) are in black and white, which takes you into a world without color.

What are you worried about before using Hypocam?
We usually don’t worry about anything in the face of color photos viewed from a professional phone or camera. However, when you look at the works of life in black and white, you must be like me, you often wonder and think about many things.

First of all, while downloading Hypocam, you don’t need to wonder if you took a picture of something with the phone, and whether their color image is suitable for use in Hypocam’s black and white filter. Because you can take pictures directly from the camera tool in Hypocam with a resolution and image quality that is not different from any phone-only shot.

It’s still easy if you already have a color image on your phone. Click on download / open image in the app and start changing the look of the image!


You don’t have to worry about being unaware of black and white image features or effects like professional film cameras because Hypocam doesn’t require you to be a professional to use it. Features such as built-in filter, image exposure control, automatic contrast adjustment, real-time shadows or backlight, front light, automatic light and gray balance, dark adjustment are available in Hypocam. And the ability of artificial intelligence to work, to accumulate experience, you know, is a lot more mature than manipulation sometimes done by human hands.

If you don’t like these “convenience foods”, Hypocam definitely does not forget to offer a variety of features to personalize each person’s “taste”. You can adjust everything in your image: grain, shadow, exposure, contrast… everything.

My favorite feature in Hypocam
I especially like the Image Flattening feature in Hypocam. This means that when you use this feature, the image is automatically flattened and the black and white patches are so noticeable that it no longer feels harsh or harsh. With landscape-like shapes or gentle expressions, especially the style preferred by women, you should wear this divine attribute of Hypocam, ma’am!

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In addition, Hypocam also has advanced functions such as blurring photos as desired, creating timestamps for photos such as old photos, and blurring the background of photos to make black and white photos look more “perfect” than ever before. to illuminate the main subject. There are even some simple vignettes that make the photos more vibrant. These advanced features cannot be ignored if you have higher and more complex requirements.

When the “main course” (ie your perfect photo) is ready, let’s set the table right away. Use the Share button on Hypocam to post and share on social media right away!

My experience with Hypocam
As a freelance user who is also addicted to black and white minimalism, I highly recommend downloading Hypocam right now if you have the same interests. Believe me, this is a really powerful tool and has a lot of potential in the future with a good set of modern instructions from the manufacturer.


My Instagram is now a miniature personal exhibition by this Hypocam filled with the purest moments of life, only in black and white.

MOD version APK of Hypocam

MOD feature

  • Premium unlocked

Download : Hypocam

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