Idle Coffee Corp MOD APK 2.2.1 (Unlimited Money) Free Downolad

Idle Coffee Corp

Idle Coffee Corp MOD APK 2.2.1 (Unlimited Money) Free Downolad

Idle Coffee Corp – Do you enjoy enjoying a good coffee in the morning? Do you want to own a coffee shop for yourself? Or simply make a delicious cup of coffee yourself? So you can not ignore a game around the cup of extremely attractive coffee.

The restaurant management game from BoomBit Games will not disappoint you. The game allows you to explore deeper areas of the coffee business world and build your own brand to generate big profits.

Build your own coffee empire

Idle Coffee Corp allows you to manage your own chain of coffee shops with many branches around the world. First, to build a shop, you need to hire a bartender with different types of coffee. And then you can hire a good manager and update the store. Managers are very important with the role of raising as much money as possible. To optimize the admin capacity, you need to constantly update them if you don’t want your income to disappear.

Idle Coffee Corp
Idle Coffee Corp

Not only that, you have to manage 3 different branches in New York, Berlin and Atlantis. Each branch has different types of coffee and collection cards. You will have to update and find what types of coffee are suitable for each branch to get the most benefit. Once you build big stores, your income will be huge and you will become a rich boss. If you want to have a mining company, try Idle Miner Tycoon.

How to earn as much money as possible?

Profits are the biggest factor in business, including Idle Coffee Corp. Some ways to make big profits in this game:

  • Improvement for Employees: Take care of employees to achieve maximum efficiency. For example, updating the administration to collect money quickly and sufficiently at each branch. Or upgrade the mixing staff to increase the profit of each type of coffee many times over.
  • Update the coffee: do your research, create new types of coffee, put the right type in each branch to increase the value by 20%. Upgrade your service and serve customers well to increase prices.
  • Collect cards from the boxes – Cards can bring unique values ​​such as increased income bonuses, upgrades for types of coffee, etc. Cards received from premium boxes for free every day or buy with gold.
  • Increase your sales – You will see a sales boost button on the left. It allows you to double your earnings in 4 hours, but you have to watch ads. Plus, you can double your income even offline. When you log back in, watch the ad at each branch to double the revenue for the entire chain of stores.
  • Prestige: This is a feature that allows you to erase all your progress in exchange for Golden Beans. Yellow Beans help you unlock and upgrade Epic Baristas (Special Staff) to help increase the revenue of many cafes.
  • View ads: this helps you a lot. For example, skip the upgrade wait time, increase sales, or get free gold …
  • Using Idle Coffee Corp (MOD Unlimited Gold).

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Become a rich man

After a time of strategic business, you will become a wealthy boss at Idle Coffee Corp. You just need to collect money from employees and major chain stores around the world. So each click will bring you more gold. The feeling is that the boss is interesting, right?


The graphics at Idle Coffee Corp are extremely beautiful with 3D graphics. This is the first store management game to use the square block graphics style of Minecraft. The images are also very realistic with harmonious colors and funny customer images.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money – Your gold can be used even if you don’t have enough.
  • Gold Manager Unlocked

In addition, the locations in the game are also very animated in each area. Especially at the Atlantis branch: the legendary city under the sea is extremely poetic.

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