Idle Restaurant Tycoon MOD APK 1.8.1 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Idle Restaurant Tycoon

Idle Restaurant Tycoon MOD APK 1.8.1 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Idle Restaurant Tycoon: Become a high-class restaurant owner

Do you have an eternal passion for food? Are you dreaming of learning how to cook, learning how to manage and open your own restaurant, making it a place everyone would want to enjoy once in a while? I believe it doesn’t cost money to dream, but you will need a lot of things to really chase after it: passion, finance, life impulse, premises, popularity.

And today I’m bringing you the first impulse in your life. Try playing Idle Restaurant Tycoon and say how excited you are after playing.

The game is easy to play, easy to do, and very fluid.

Idle Restaurant Tycoon begins with a series of introductions that will introduce you to a dense green residential area with a beautiful little restaurant next to the trees. You “get” the first guests.

Having a guest means owning the money, you will quickly use that modest money to hire a chef for little money. You should constantly think about the amount of money you have, balanced by the amount of money you hire for waiters in a restaurant. Because if you don’t have a salary to pay the employees, they will leave in a second without bargaining a word like in real life.

Idle Restaurant Tycoon
Idle Restaurant Tycoon

It’s actually a bit of a paradox. In real life, most restaurant owners build restaurants, hiring all their employees to prepare before they dare open their business. Luckily, sales went up after just a month or a few months. Unfortunate people suffer lost income or even bankruptcy. Maybe the game does it to motivate us more.

Next, you must find ways to improve service and food quality to “collect” money from customers. For example, make more luxurious chairs, make private tables with a beautiful view, set the bathroom, add a bar … The restaurant already has its own space, but currently only empty rooms. Your job is to earn little by little money to fill these rooms according to the function of each room. Any improvement or construction is costly. But in return, customers love more and agree to pay more for each meal.

Add reality to the game, it will make you think like the real owner of a restaurant.

The above will only help your restaurant run smoothly. As many people know you will need to use “tricks” to promote your restaurant, make it famous. At this point, the game will give you some suggestions for marketing strategies that fit your budget, such as newspaper advertising, online advertising, brochure distribution … Your job is to take into account the size and number of the restaurant today. what is the best way, what is the most economical way.

Along the way, the game will give you some special missions. For example, serving a VIP customer, urgently changing a private room in the restaurant … If you complete the task, you will be rewarded with money or items. In some cases, you can even choose one of the valuable prizes.

Expand your restaurant empire, take note at the same time

At some point, your restaurant will be filled with customers. You will need to consider building a restaurant chain instead of a single restaurant chain. And when any new place opens, management continues as they opened their first restaurant.

But remember, the higher you go, the stronger the wind. No matter how your business model expands, never forget that the essence of a strong restaurant empire is:

  • Good food (good chef)
  • Good service (excellent service and staff)
  • Effective marketing campaign

Every restaurant should have all these elements. As long as you ignore a detail, the domino effect can instantly kick in and destroy the entire chain of restaurants you’ve built.

Here are some highlights about me after playing one day.

First, you don’t need to hire the best. Hire the right person based on the budget, affordability, and size of the restaurant. Finding the best people, high salaries at the wrong time, only stalls the business and leads to many bad consequences.

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It is very important to choose a place in the residential area to open a restaurant. A secluded corner or place across the street is not ideal for a restaurant. When managing your first restaurant, you need to keep track of the number of visitors to get some ideas for your next restaurant.

There is no need to constantly manage, promote, update, build, and then continue to manage. Idle Restaurant Tycoon allows you to take a reasonable break to continue playing more effectively, giving you time to think, relax, remind yourself of your actions, and remind yourself of the future. In general, if you feel tired, take a break, walk through the residential area to rest, and then continue working.

And one last point of mine: customer satisfaction is everything. Like the saying “the customer is god”. You should always keep in mind that the key to all success in the restaurant industry is the diners. Good service, satisfying you with delicious food, is always at the heart of the business. Don’t get carried away with expansion, advertising, and monetization, but don’t forget to protect and update your core services.

MOD feature

  • limited money

Remember, the more money you use, the more money you use.

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