Idle World MOD APK 4.5 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Idle World

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Idle World MOD APK 4.5 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Idle World MOD APK 4.5 – ) is a simulation game developed by Homa Games that allows you to manage your own universe. This is a great potential developer. His game has just been released, but has received great attention from players around the world. The first success from this game will be a stepping stone for them to continue to develop their potential and create many exciting games.

Idle World 1
Idle World

About Idle World

The universe is the place that contains all matter and space. It is more than 10 light-years in diameter and contains countless galaxies. Just like that, you can’t imagine how big and wide it is. It contains extremely small atomic particles, energy in parallel. And until now, scientists have not been able to figure out all of them. With Idle World, you can try and explore the vast universe outside of the world and everything in it. What are you waiting for right now before joining the game and exploring the universe?

Explore the infinite universe
With Idle World, you can explore the universe step by step. When you join the game for the first time, you will discover elements of the universe. Start with nanoparticles, then expand your universe and learn about many other things. Nanoparticles are extremely small particles but have properties as a unit. And now nanotechnology is applied in many areas of life such as medicine, optics, electronics … You can also add the products you discover to the collection.

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Once you expand your universe, you will be able to explore black holes. Build your own galaxy. Not only that, it can also use cosmic black holes to increase its production. The black hole absorbs everything nearby so you can collect items quickly and easily. Also, create your own galaxies for the universe to discover more amazing things hidden on each planet.

Idle World.
Idle World

Idle World has a simple idle game. To improve your universe, simply touch the screen to collect energy and elements. Play anywhere and anytime, even offline. Enjoy the evolution of the universe even when you are not around.

Explore the science
The science of the planets of the universe specifically helps you explore the world. Research by scientists was added to the game and provided a lot of interesting insights. You can explore the atmosphere, the ozone layer, and many other things in the universe. Science is a very interesting thing, it drives curious people, they want to learn. And if you are a science lover, don’t miss this game.

Idle World
Idle World

You can also travel to the universe to discover more. Have you ever wondered what Mars looks like or what it looks like, what Saturn is like? What are these images on? You can explore not only the earth, but also many other planets in the solar system. Explore large celestial stars or discover the asteroids within them.

Version of MOD APK Idle World

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money – start the game with unlimited diamonds.
  • VIP unlocked
  • Ad free

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