Keeper of the Day and Night MOD APK 1.0.0s (Unlocked) Free Download

Keeper of the Day and Night

Keeper of the Day and Night MOD APK 1.0.0s (Unlocked) Free Download

The entire content is only text, no images, motion, or sound, but causes haunts

Have you ever felt the “horror” of the lyrics? A novel with just 390,000 words, a series of complex events, trailers, and thousands of expensive lines between characters in the story. But they give you goosebumps and gradually reveal your true self.

I had a full feeling like this. While playing this Day and Night Watcher game the senses awaken, the phobia of inspiration and anonymity to be summoned increases. Don’t be fooled by his zen-sounding name and friendly sign. It is true that this very particular game has no animation, sound, and bloody blows, but in return its horror is hidden deep in every word, you are the next one in which you will write each evolution of the novel, and it is a bridge. this brought it all together.

Keeper of the Day and Night
Keeper of the Day and Night

In other words, The Keeper of the Day and the Night is a dynamic and interactive novel. By making the right decisions for yourself in the big and small turning point situations of the story, you become both the reader and the controller of the story. There are details that you consider just for fun, but no, these will be the premise of the iceberg sinking that could change the ending of the story.

The art of the game is also at points that do not seem to have any of these problems. Such easy and free situations make you feel comfortable and honest with yourself. And that’s when the ego and the true nature of each point the way. The last is just the result of the previous series of choices.

Each character is deep and has a secret.

You can choose your character when starting the game. This is also a good thing about the game. Although there aren’t many characters, just looking at their faces will make you feel weird because… what are you going to say… each character is a little crazy. Nobody is perfect, some have a troubled mindset, some are dark or are hiding some terrible secrets from the past. Whoever it is, once you choose it will have a completely different story. Then, the remaining characters will help unravel the dark secrets behind this Academy.

In the story, you are a sophomore at the Wizarding Academy. One day you suddenly realize that your surroundings and your whole life are gradually changing in the direction of getting out of control. Your informant, you witness a series of strange events inside and outside of the school: werewolves attack in the summer, demons appear at the school, a girl who never existed before is suddenly abducted, the magical exercises in school suddenly and dramatically increase. the gloomy atmosphere envelops everything.

Keeper of the Day and Night
Keeper of the Day and Night

You meet your loved one or just someone you know, suddenly it becomes very strange, confusing and full of mystery. Your beliefs are slowly eroding. Not knowing who to trust, not knowing what to do, will often feel like having translated dozens of pages of the novel. And when you come here, I’m sure you won’t be able to stop even if you give gold.

Each choice leads to a different path and the very “end of life”.

The final decisive stage for this great novel is when you slowly find yourself at a crossroads, one follows the ethical principles that you think something is wrong, the other is that you can do bad things by following your heart’s call and differ from what is wrong. the morality you learn. Or choose to do nothing, let it slide and the secrets will automatically emerge.

Keeper of the Day and Night
Keeper of the Day and Night

If all your choices in the plot of the story are going in direction number 3, I recommend not playing anymore because it’s not interesting anymore. You have to have your own mindset and courage to go after what you think is right. The other two paths will have different interesting results no matter which direction you choose.

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