Last Day on Earth mod apk 1.17 (Mega Menu Mod/No Ads)

Last Day on Earth mod apk 1.17 (Mega Menu Mod/No Ads)

Last Day on Earth mod apk 1.17 is an action game developed by Kefir! With more than 50 million downloads worldwide. It is a post-apocalypse game where you are the survival among others and you have to find the ways to live. Let’s take and detailed overview to know more about this game. You can download this game at the end of this page. You can also read Pokémon Quest MOD APK (Battery, Tickets Unlimited)

Detailed Overview

The game tells the story after apocalypse happens, in 2027 some scientific experiments went wrong and due to this, the infection has been spread throughout the world. People are turning into zombies and everybody in chaos. Now you have to live among other survivals, you now have to face two types of enemies, the Zombies, and the Human.

Learn how to survive from both enemies. Some of the humans are friends of you while others may be your enemies because everyone wants supplies and other stuff so be aware of human enemies.

Collect Resources to Live

Start playing this amazing action game. Now you have to live in this world and you should find valuable resources to live. Collect resources such as craft, tools, vehicles, weapons, bat, or any hand weapon in Last Day on Earth weapon mods.

Last Day on Earth mega mod

Last Day on Earth mega mod

You will have a backpack for collecting items, the backpack can store limited items so you need to be careful while selecting items, once you get the items, come to your home and store the items at home and then find the items again.

Build Your Home or Base

You need to build a home or base to live and store items you collect like craft, tools, and weapons. Cut the trees and collect wood, collect the stones, and other stuff. Now you can build your dream home. Use stones for walls and wood for doors, make the floor of stones or wood, it’s your choice. You also need a washroom because the character does poo and pee -:), also the character needs to take a bath.

The character in this game also has eating and drinking needs, too much work can make him tired, and of course he needs rest too. Built the kitchen and restroom in the house, equip the kitchen necessary items. Hunt the animals to eat, and store them into the kitchen.

While building a house, make sure you have a proper security system in the house to avoid thieves and zombies to enter into the house. Also, the robbers can come to your house so you have to make a full security system of the house.

Last Day on Earth offline mode

Last Day on Earth offline mode

Use pits as trap outside the house, and other weapons to save you house from an unknown attack. Store the items into the crates and find more items. Upgrade the house to new levels and make your house more secure and stronger.

Build the Gears and Upgrade

There are some gears and equipment available in your vault, make them working conditions by assembling them in the Last Day on Earth mod apk menu. Collect the required tools and components to complete the gears and equipment. Once you complete the gear, you can then use that to give services to other survivals or you can sell them, hence you can start the trade.

Go Online

Headed to the west and pass the wall from the west, wear the special costume and enter into the online world where you can interact with other players online.

There is also AirDrop available when some helicopter or plane has crashed, you can find valuable resources are there to collect, so don’t miss the airdrop.

Last Day on Earth weapon mods

Last Day on Earth weapon mods

Features of Last Day on Earth mod apk

  • Collect Valuable resources to live.
  • Build your secure dream house.
  • Customize your character as you want.
  • Raise your pet – a true friend.
  • Upgrade your house to make it more secure and strong.
  • Collect food and medical items to make you healthy.
  • Build some gears, and advanced equipment as a hobbyist or start trading.
  • Go online and interact with other players online.


Last Day on Earth mod apk is an action game which covers the apocalyptic world. The story starts in 2027 when some infection has been spread across the world and due to this humans are turning into the Zombies. Now you have to fight for your survival by collecting valuable resources, food, craft, weapons, and other gears & stuff.

Build a house for yourself, make the house secure, upgrade the house to the next level, and make it more secure and strong. Use the pits and other weapons as a trap and secure your house from unknown enemies. Download Last Day on Earth mod apk now and experience the world of the apocalypse with a lot of enemies.

Last Day on Earth weapons hack

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Technical Detail of Last Day on Earth mod apk

  • Name: Last Day on Earth mod apk
  • Category: Action
  • Version: 1.17
  • Android: 4.1 and above
  • Size: 42.5MB | 263.3MB
  • Developer: Kefir!
  • Mod: Yes
  • Need OBB: Yes

Mod Features

Enjoy this MOD that doesn’t need Root with following features;

  • One Hit + Dumb Enemy
  • Menu Mod
  • Fast Travel
  • Free Craft (free build, unlock items, free craft, max durability)
  • No ads

Download Last Day on Earth mod apk

You can download Last Day on Earth apk mod by accessing download buttons below:

APK File 1.17 [MOD]



OBB File



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