Last Shelter Survival 1.250.194 Apk + Data for Android + MOD (Full)

Last Shelter Survival 1.250.194 Apk + Data for Android + MOD (Full)

Last Shelter Survival 1.250.194 Apk – Commander! Many zombies are coming. The last refuge of humans calls for your rescue!

Last Shelter Survival

Last Shelter Survival

[For survival]
The Zombie virus spread everywhere. Humans are at high risk of becoming the undead. We have to secure enough supplies to survive in the zombie world. Things get worse as the dark night approaches. As a commander, your main duty is to protect your people! Please lead the shelter population to survival. Resist the zombies and rebuild the home of humanity!

[Rebuild shelter]
Surviving is just the first step. You have to rebuild your city again.
Roads are important for connecting cities

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Urban planning is a smart strategy to develop big cities. Plan the development of your City with reasons to increase the efficiency of your operation. Let your wisdom shine!

[Looking for followers]
Rescue survivors from around the world on the Great World Map. They will be your own followers and will fight by your side! Build an alliance, gather forces to resist the zombies together. Protect your allies from being looted.

[Economic trade]
In War Z World, supplies are an important key to development. The commercial helicopter will give you the opportunity to exchange supplies for free. Follow a smart strategy to restore supplies and receive the resources you need for the construction and development of your city.

-Z The organization has received your SOS. A commander will be dispatched immediately, please wait!


Alliance (coming soon)

Members of the Alliance must leave the Alliance before they can immigrate; Alliance R5 must remove all Alliance members before they can immigrate. The Alliance Loyal Status will change with the immigration of the R5 Alliance.

Last Shelter Survival

Last Shelter Survival


  • Install “APK” on your device.
  • Copy the folder “” “android / obb” into.
  • Get in the game.

Download : Last Shelter Survival

You can download this apk file by accessing the download buttons below:

APK + OBB File:

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