Last Shelter Survival APK 1.250.205 Free Download

Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival APK 1.250.205 Free Download

The world is in ruins but still there is a safe place

The opening of Last Shelter

Survival is a recreation of some short films about what the world and humanity are going through. People fell into an epidemic, everywhere collapsed due to a horrible virus that spread rapidly. Those infected with this virus will be extremely ferocious, lose their minds, and turn into high-speed walking zombies when they die. They can bite the warm-blooded creatures on this planet, including humans, of course.
Last Shelter: Survival, the game itself says it all. People somehow found antibodies and injected them into survivors. Devastated as they were all full of zombies, and set out to seek shelter from the rest of the world of no return. This is “The Last Refuge”. His mission, along with other talented leaders, is to make this desert a place where people can live, survive and thrive after a pandemic.

Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival

Always be on the lookout for both internal and external enemies

You play as one of the leaders of the city in the game. There are many different cities and leaders who built thousands of structures in this desert of life. Each city in the shelter is divided into provinces ruled by many different leaders.

States can also be linked through the Clash of Zones (COZ) system. And if you play with many other people online, the system will automatically be grouped accordingly. However, states can seamlessly connect and communicate with each other. This is also a significant difference from Last Shelter compared to other games of the same genre.

80% of your business

The first is Resources. The resources found in the Last Shelter are diverse and complete, including Food, Water, Fuel, Electricity, Wood, Iron. To save money and people, you need to find resources in the right place, take advantage of them and produce smart combinations.

Your main actions in Last Shelter: Survival are just: think, select, drag, drop, read the instructions. For example, one of the first things to do when building a city is to build roads. You will need water / fuel / iron / wood. Along the way, the Commander informs you about the amount of resources used, making it easy to plan your next strategy. When you run out of resources, you must choose trucks and vehicles to reach the extraction point.

Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival

Their interactions with game systems are mainly through resource selection, machine tools, and balance of use. Speaking of people and machine tools. Without these two things, no matter how many resources you have or a lot of money, it’s useless. You will need to use your capital to hire workers and purchase the necessary machine tools for the construction process. Think and choose carefully to save money and resources.

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In the end, of course, you need money, a lot of money. The system will “back up” you for a substantial amount of money before you start. So take this as capital, wherever you build it, think about how you will do business, trade, buy and sell things with other leaders in the same state to make a profit for yourself. This money will be used to hire people in the future, to buy things for difficult situations.

The remaining 20% ​​of the job is struggling

You need a solid army to protect your city, develop a city strong enough to survive in the apocalyptic world. With the content I mentioned above, it is clear that the army will be used for two things: zombie warfare and inter-state / inter-city civil war. Currently there are three main armies in the game called Fight, Fire and Vehicle.

Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter Survival MOD by ALLMODWORLD

You do everything yourself, including commanding, assembling, recruiting, and training all three groups of soldiers. After each battle, you’ll collect a range of loot, new troops, and some resources. Obviously, fighting is also a pretty quick way to collect items. As such, there are many city groups that will choose to go aggressively to get other people’s resources. You have to be careful with such parties.

When the armies you train are really mature, you should hire good commanders who will help you manage the army and keep building the city. Excellent generals will be heroes.

There will also be very intense battles between these heroes. Often these wars do a lot of damage to the trade and the building process. That’s why you need to be careful to avoid this in the first place.

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