LEGO Tower MOD APK 1.23.0 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

LEGO Tower

LEGO Tower MOD APK 1.23.0 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Building a lot is good, but you must have a plan

The same principle as the Lego puzzle game familiar to children, adults and old people: If you want to do something or create something, you have to find the right pieces and put them together according to the design described above. The more unique the puzzle piece, the harder it will be to match, but the more valuable and unique the finished product will be.

First planning, strategy, design will be very important. You will start building small apartments and small buildings for living and renting in the city. You will gradually learn that your role is not only a simple construction contractor, but also a real building manager. You will do a dozen jobs from A to Z: find the right materials to build a tower, speed up construction, check the original design, adjust it to suit the current situation, solve any problems that arise …

Once the apartments are handed over, you will enter the management process that ensures the safety of the residents in the area by managing staff, room quality control, providing a uniform service for the entire building, and controlling tenant satisfaction. You should also promote the building, organize events that invite other residents to visit, build amusement parks and schools for children …

LEGO Tower
LEGO Tower

This game requires careful planning

To do all of this, you must have the ingredients, in addition to a sober head, a burning heart, and a trendy business strategy. The most basic material is nothing more than large and small Lego blocks of all colors and shapes. You need to gather these materials from a variety of sources, such as buying cheap from friends, trading with other contractors, buying stuff along the way, and more. Finally, you have to find a way to get them where they need to go and start building.

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Used to create the uniqueness of a building or to build a custom sub-project in the building’s premises (such as art classes, clinics or kindergartens), the rare brick blocks force you to look on a larger scale, sometimes deep. Under the Lego bricks. I also said no shortcuts, you have to find every brick.

And of course, this doesn’t always work. So how you handle the pieces and customize them so that the result doesn’t deviate from the original plan will depend on your skillful improvisation. Whichever shape you choose, remember that the ultimate goal of the game in the end is to make the tower an ideal place to live in the LEGO community.

Build the tower as perfect as possible

As I said at the beginning, don’t be distracted by the cute Lego shape because you’ll have to do it with a hundred hands.

Developers want the game they create to always have a memorable depth, especially in these “millennial” games like Lego. Thus, they create a series of situations that require them to be handled skillfully. Give staff the right jobs, resolve disputes in the residential area, repair homes to help friends, keep the amount of goods in the building’s stores … Just one thing that isn’t good is that you’ll quickly notice that the domino effect will gradually diminish. Boycott your clever buildings and abandon them by humans. With the Lego set, this is a failure.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money

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