LifeAfter: Night falls 1.0.175Apk + Data for Android + Mod (Full)

LifeAfter: Night falls 1.0.175 Apk + Data for Android + Mod (Full)

LifeAfter: Night falls 1.0.175 Apk – A devastating blizzard of virus besieged the world, causing the catastrophic disintegration of orders and covenants. When night falls, the world turns into a living hell, riddled with infected. When he finally took a break and discovered a place to rest his aching feet, he found himself exhausted, hungry, out of ammunition, and haunted by the cold of the night. You can hear the growls of the infected

LifeAfter - Night falls

LifeAfter – Night falls

approaching, and you know it will be another night of anguish and horror. How much longer can you survive?
LifeAfter, a game describing humanity’s survival in a post virus apocalyptic world, is officially released.
Live together.

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-Keep your will to survive and hope alive.
The world you once knew so well is now a strange place in the wave of a virus epidemic.
The lives of the survivors are constantly threatened by diseases, famines, infected and organizations with hidden agendas. You will have to remain calm in the midst of all these dangers and believe that there is a way out.

-Live with anything available.

Explore every inch of the post-apocalyptic world, be it in the city full of infected, in an abandoned mine, in a ruined university or in an icy highland forest, to collect essential materials for survival. You will need to know how to hunt and gather food, how to tend to your wounds, and make weapons to protect yourself.

-Encounter with other survivors.

You can find other survivors in your collecting races. You will have to be very careful as they might attack you for loot. If they are friendly, you can choose to share your food, ammo, and adventure stories with them.

-Build the ultimate sanctuary for humanity.

With the trusted friends you made along the way, you can find a place to camp and build, one brick at a time, until you have the final sanctuary for humanity. Together, around the campfire, the humans can once again defend themselves from the long cold. night with hugs.


Patch notes
1) LifeAfter Wonderland
2, new outfit: soaring ambition
3) Lucky gift box
4) Lucky points
5) Caravan 101

LifeAfter - Night falls

LifeAfter – Night falls


  • Install “APK” on your device.
  • Copy the folder “” “android / obb” into.
  • Get in the game.

Download : LifeAfter: Night falls

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