Light a Way: Tap Tap Fairytale MOD APK 2.21.0 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Light a Way

Light a Way: Tap Tap Fairytale MOD APK 2.21.0 (Unlimited Money) Free Download


Light a Way: Tap Tap Fairytale-is a fantasy adventure game created by Appxplore (iCandy). Simple gameplay, romantic story, humane, shape the character that will make you love. Is there any other reason not to play?
As far as I know, Light a Way was born out of the writer’s fear of the dark. Can you imagine the world in a day without lights, sun? I’m not talking about the night, I’m not talking about the total eclipse, I’m seriously asking. Imagine it’s dark around, everything is eternal darkness, I’m really scared.

Light a Way: Tap Tap Fairytale: Saving the world has many ways, such as protecting Light

If chosen, choose the most romantic way to save the world

The world of Light a Way is a strange fantasy world in which darkness suddenly covers the sun at some point in the future. More and more dark creatures emerged from this unusual phenomenon. They spend their entire lives “eating the light” and reproducing at very high speeds. At this point, appear as you, the hero, the Guardian, and join your friends and divine power to reclaim the Light, free the world from the domination of that filthy creature.

Light a Way
Light a Way

Some call you the Light Guardian, others call you Light Fairy. I prefer the word fairy because it fits well with the story and magical scenes of the game. The Staff of Fire and Light Power will be given to the fairy. Every time you encounter dark creatures, you will turn the light to eliminate them and use the power of light to attract your friends. In the late game, form a circle of light power to defeat the big dark boss.

Your fairy has beautiful clothes and nice friends.

Open the game and immediately select the look of your Light Fairy. There are 90 different options such as face, hair, body, wings, dress … These fairies are not that different except for their looks and names. Your character will also begin to protect the world from scratch and begin to gather many other powers and abilities, gradually leveling up and approaching Light’s human goal.

Light a Way
Light a Way

When you do something good for the world, you are never alone. This principle also applies to Peri. Your fairy is also beautiful, cute and magical, and there are also very cute friends. You can recruit a total of 30 cute sweet friends (called Lumi). Each Lumi will have different abilities and will actively support Fairy unconditionally throughout the journey. If you have 30 Lumi, you will have a total of 240 skills to fight the dark.

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And the fairy has magic too

Find the clue to the story and understand the reason why darkness is pressing the world. The Light Fairy begins to seek support and gather light energies to defeat enemies that are getting stronger with each passing day.

The journey is not easy. It is full of difficulties and difficulties. The fairy will have to cross unstable terrains and deep forests with her small body and slim physique to find what she’s looking for. And they can quickly feel like themselves: Although the world is just dark, everything is deep but the scene is so soft, pleasant, it doesn’t make the actress feel heavy. Also, whenever the Fairy moves, it radiates a gentle source of energy and light. Not to mention that you will have dozens of chubby Lumi friends coming with a cute glow, they will make a glow sky.
On his way to killing terrifying dark creatures, Fairy will find 1001 ways to gather energy and light powers for herself. Typically collecting the Light cores, waking up with Light Lumi trees for a thousand years, practicing Light magic, collecting light from the stars … the higher the number of light, the better the chance to defeat those dark creatures.

Extremely cute shape of the characters.

A game for children aged 3 and up, do you think it’s scary? Absolutely beautiful. It goes without saying about fairy grace, she’s calm and cute when she has wings. Lumi looks like a Ghibli cartoon, fat and plump. They fly and follow in the fairy’s footsteps, sometimes causing you to pause the game to see and review her super cute look.

Light a Way
Light a Way

The light energy along Tien Street is also similar to a fairy tale, designed in a childish style with bright colors. Even the last boss does not have the slightest threat. It is also a fatty mass with a mouth and teeth.

One of the key points about training in this game is “everything is very clear.” Expressing the miraculous power of the fairy, it stands out against the backdrop of the dark landscape. And clearly, this design has increased efficiency.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited money – upgrade to get a lot of money.

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