Loudly MOD APK 6.53 (Pro Unlocked) For Android


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Loudly MOD APK 6.53 (Pro Unlocked) For Android

Loudly MOD APK 6.53 – Enjoy your music to the fullest with Loudly Sound Booster MOD APK, the best speaker booster app for Android. Download the Pro version of this application from the link below the article.


Present Out loud

What is Loudly?
Loud Loud is the best volume booster, speaker booster app for Android phones you can find. The phone’s default volume let you down, isn’t the music loud enough to overwhelm the background noise? Your headset is very low in volume, but you can’t afford a new headset? Loud makes your phone ring louder than ever. Plus, a wide variety of sound detail editing functions make your music experience even better.

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This app is published by appsRock, a developer specializing in applications related to audio user experience. They already have some useful products such as Speaker Tester and Cleaner, which have been downloaded by millions of people on Google Play. So Loudly is a very reliable application that you can download to your Android phone.

How does Loudly work?
Do you think this application is just a hacking because no application can replace the device hardware? That’s it. But it works loudly, under a completely different mechanism. You know, the volume of a song depends on the speaker volume and the source. Loud causes the song’s volume to increase significantly by taking full advantage of the source’s volume.

Easily edit sound on Android phone
This application has the same interface as a real speaker. Easily pull and turn the volume up buttons to increase the volume of your voice. Access the equalizer, you can fine-tune audio frequency ranges including 60Hz, 230Hz, 910Hz, 3.6KHz, 14KHz. The frequency band correction function is great for EDM listeners as they can adjust the speaker output for better quality of their favorite songs. You can also save different frequency bands to apply to each song you like later. With Loudly, your music parties will be exciting and full of life.


Floating icons on the phone screen
If you listen to music with music players like Spotify, SoundCloud or enjoy songs on Youtube, Loudly can also help you change the volume of the output sound. You can easily customize the sound quality when listening to music in third-party apps using the floating icons on the screen.

Do you want to increase the volume of the call?
Loudly can not only increase the volume of music and videos, but also intervene to increase the volume of phone calls. The output tone will be louder and clearer so that important details are not missed in a conversation. Of course you won’t be overhearing user calls out loud. Millions of people have used it and secured for the benefits this app brings. There has never been a case of wiretapping or theft of user data.

What’s new in the Pro version
The free version of Loudly only allows you to adjust and increase the volume. You have to pay to unlock the Pro version, which allows you to further customize the sound. Tapping the Basic icon in the middle of the screen takes you to the Advanced section, which allows you to customize the pitch ranges in detail. Turn the audio amplifier or amplifier on or off if you feel unnecessary for your song. Also, there are no ads in the application that will disturb you while enjoying your favorite music.


MOD APK Loudly’s version

MOD feature
Pro Unlocked: All features of the Pro version are unlocked.

Download : Loudly

You can download this apk file by accessing the download buttons below:


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