Made MOD APK 1.2.8 (Premium Unlocked) For Android


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Made MOD APK 1.2.8 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

Made MOD APK 1.2.8 –  is a useful tool dedicated to managing and editing Stories on your Instagram or Facebook. Let’s see what are the salient Made features that everyone wants to use?

Fact: Is your story this beautiful and complete?
There are currently a ton of special tools available only for Instagram and Facebook Stories. But what is the best app for you? The only way to do this is to try and try once or twice to understand how to use it and see if this is really for you. Today I want to present an app for Story that many young people have installed, Made.


Done, literally done, everything done for you
Compared to other story management, writing, and editing apps I’ve tried, I’m sure Made has the most colors and templates. A special feature of Made is the function to remove the background and replace it with a different, more modern background.

And there is nothing better than making everything so easy with just a few taps and taps. Check out this art collection, all made with Made. Currently Made has 32 free templates and 50 more premium templates for a monthly fee. But in addition to the existing templates, we can also create our own unique stories with a number of notable Made features.

Layering functionality
If you find your photos sticky with a boring background, you can use this feature. Made has over 40 monochrome backgrounds and 80 pre-designed vignette patterns so you can change your image whenever you need.


And of course you don’t need to do anything. Upload the picture to the application, select the function to change the background, select the background to change. AI helps you follow the outline of your theme, automatically removes an existing background and replaces it with the pattern you choose. In other applications this is quite tiring and delays users, although many stages are even complex like Photoshop on a computer. With Made, everything is smooth, original and fluid, surprisingly easy.

Add text to pictures, videos
Besides fonts, colors, and effects, text is an essential part of images and videos posted on History. On Made you can find a quality collection of 16 font templates that are free and completely different from those currently available on Instagram. If you are using a paid service, the font count can be hundreds rather than not to mention the large number of fonts that the system updates every day.

Made has a professional filter for editing photos before finalizing a story.
Are you not very happy with the publication of the photo in your story? Then use the professional filter from Made. It includes more than 10 professional filters and dozens of small sub-functions to edit photos such as crop, collage, highlight, contrast, shadow, filter, heal, saturation …

And if you don’t want to waste too much time, you can choose the automatic system AI editing tool. Most of the time, it continues to produce surprisingly nice results without taking up to 1 second.

Especially the link function creates a complete story for Instagram
One of the main limitations of today’s story creation apps is that photos and videos are created in one form based on user preferences. This causes stories on Instagram to be shown intermittently, making them less interactive and effective at building emotional bonds with friends.

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Made has figured this out, it automatically connects and creates the perfect story in your Story. Upload the images you want to send to Made, edit or use auto edit, then choose Manage mode and create a story. You get a set of engaging images, synchronized effects, and a story with a reasonable dwell time so that viewers have enough time to read the text, but it’s also fast enough that the viewer doesn’t want to swipe right. .


And if you follow this series of observations, your friends will not only be able to see a part of it, but also a fascinating story made on your own with Made’s help.

Made’s MOD APK version

MOD feature

  • Premium unlocked

Download : Made MOD

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