Mafia City APK 1.5.517 For Android

Mafia City

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Mafia City APK 1.5.517 For Android

Mafia City APK 1.5.517 – Mafia City APK is a challenging game that gives you a real experience in the mafia world. The game is globally linked, whoever you are, who can join the competition to become a king in this world. Are you ready to join this war?

Mafia City
Mafia City

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Mafia is the name of a very infamous criminal organization we’ve heard time and again. This is a secret organization, power is getting stronger and is gradually becoming an extremely dangerous criminal organization. If you want to join this organization, you can experience the Mafia City game right away. Here you will join the role of boss, leaders of notorious gangs of black society, competition for power and the field of operations around the world.

Interesting history
If you have played games such as Clash of Clans or Narcos: Cartel War that I took part in previous games, you can easily understand the operation of this game. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a tutorial that will inform you about basic operations and features.

First, you will have a foundation to be able to develop it more modern. To do this, you will have to perform basic tasks. Then rely on the money you earn to build and upgrade your buildings.

Mafia City
Mafia City

Reputation is very important in Mafia City. When your reputation is low, the police will always follow you and will often be attacked by other gangs. Things are completely different when you form a powerful gang with a higher reputation. You can attack other gangs directly, and you don’t have to fear the police. However, this is not really easy to do.

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Building your base
Your home base is a very important place, to unlock and upgrade other buildings you have to upgrade it first because other buildings cannot have higher levels than the main base. Mafia City has many buildings that you have to build, each with its own function: a training center that helps you build and unlock your army, the pirate market, where you can deal with friends or other players, hospitals help you heal. your wounded army. There are many other buildings to explore such as a security center, investment center, black market

Be sponsor
As a top mob boss, you must contribute to your strategic vision. Alliance is a very necessary tactic for survival. Alliance with other powerful organizations around gives you many benefits to strengthen the region.

With the mafia’s reputation, wherever you go on the streets, it will steal anything to serve your hospital base.

Mafia City
Mafia City

In the world of Mafia City, the number of players is huge and varied in different countries. The basic principle in the mafia, there is no tolerance, if you ignore it, don’t destroy the enemy, tomorrow the enemy will crush you.

Advanced graphics technology
The game’s graphics use 3D Unity technology to provide a high quality image. Functions such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate 360-degree viewing angles and give you a real-world-like experience. Mafia City’s sound and effects are also very special.

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