Microsoft OneDrive APK 6.30 For Android

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive APK 6.30 For Android

Microsoft OneDrive APK 6.30 –  is a cloud storage application for Android phones that allows you to save files and documents. You can quickly and smoothly access, open, save, copy and access all other basic file operations anytime, anywhere, as long as there is the Internet.

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What is Microsoft OneDrive?
If you are using a PC with a Windows operating system, you probably already know this. Microsoft OneDrive is an application of the Microsoft company, although it is small and seems to have a simple feature, but its efficiency and convenience are great for users. In short, with just a few simple taps on the smartphone screen, you can quickly, intuitively and efficiently store all your documents, pictures and other files. Without having to go through multiple browsers one by one for different applications.

Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive

Important, all actions in Microsoft OneDrive are instantly effective without delay. This is something you can’t quite do with other file management apps available today.

Intelligent photo search function with auto tagging technology
This is the first example of Microsoft’s use of AI. With the ever-expanding memory of the phone, it is almost impossible to find a particular photo among the hundreds of thousands of photos saved. But with this smart Microsoft OneDrive feature, you can easily do this. This feature allows users to quickly find photos using auto-tagging. This means that photos saved on OneDrive will be automatically sorted by many popular topics in the user community (places, food, friends, relatives, travel …). And when you search, just type these tags right, the picture will appear automatically, which will help you narrow the search scope and save a lot of time.

Automatically notify when there are new updates to the document
Don’t underestimate it and think that Microsoft OneDrive is just a common storage application. It has extremely good tracking capabilities on any transaction, small or large, on existing documents on OneDrive, sending notifications to the app owner. This feature helps you review your work history, especially when working with a group.

Microsoft OneDrive also has a very useful feature for sharing photo and video albums.
As long as the image or video is in the OneDrive folder, it doesn’t matter where you want to post it. It has seamless connections with Microsoft OneDrive, social networks and modern communication apps such as email, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsap, Zalo, Viber … Just select the picture, choose Share, Choose Channel. Done! Less than 5 seconds.

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Microsoft OneDrive also allows you to change some important files OFFLINE
This is a completely different and new feature compared to other storage management apps on mobile platforms. You can set up some of your most important documents so they can be accessed offline. It can then be opened for use when needed, with or without internet. Then when you’re back online, everything is fully automatically updated and synced without any further action.

What is the core feature set for Microsoft OneDrive?

1. With photos and videos

Just upload it to OneDrive and the app will automatically remember it, back it up to the cloud, and set the AI ​​tag to be easily found later. You can also check all these photos and videos on your phone, tablet, laptop and PC as they are synced under the same account.

2.With files and folders

We can easily sort and scan documents, search by name and content by keyword, share, receive notifications when edited, password protect files or select some apps that can be accessed for offline use.

Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive

You can even restore deleted files by saving files in the transaction history. It can also manipulate any file type deeply, thanks to sub-functions such as Mark in PDF files.

Can the application guarantee confidentiality of information?
As far as we know from Microsoft’s app description and security breach, all files on OneDrive are encrypted. And if you want, you can set passwords for your important files. Also, the application system itself has a built-in ransomware detection and recovery functionality that makes document security at the highest level of efficiency.

With the versatility and great memory of the devices.

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