Mighty DOOM APK 0.6.0 Free Download


Mighty DOOM APK 0.6.0 Free Download

Mighty DOOM, the light and simple version

For the player, Mighty DOOM is the demolition of the hugely popular first-person shooter game DOOM Eternal (for PC and console). The game has some legacies from the original game, and there are many phone-specific differences.

I often play mobile games so I know most of them are for fun. Don’t want these deep, complex, and graphically detailed games like PC games. Everything should be much simpler when placed on a smartphone.

Some high investment games also have some exceptions, but in return these games require players to have an expensive phone. The same goes for Mighty DOOM. The gameplay and graphics have been greatly simplified, although the content, context, and various weapons are the same as the original.

First of all, I want to talk about the game.

The only task of our robot hero is to advance by opening the bloodline, taking down a group of other robot monsters and even another type of enemy that is difficult to name. With guns in hand, he takes down all the enemies to go to the door and move on to the next level.

Do not expect a hero with powerful weapons and many skills in the first scenes. The hero can fire individual bullets “slowly” and cannot accelerate it. The gun fires every time, looks pretty fun.

Mighty DOOM
Mighty DOOM

And since this is a top-down shooter game, you wouldn’t expect to see the expression of the character you play. Just a rather bulky suit, a round head and a gun, all seen from above. So much. It sounds rather monotonous, but it makes the game more realistic. Thanks to this type of perspective, you can see how many enemies are approaching and choose how you will move to dodge their bullets.

Your enemies have an advantage in numbers and weapons, which makes you confused about dodging bullets and fighting them without assistance. Your only friend is the gun in your hand. After each level, you have one more skill point to upgrade the character’s weapons and power. Three random updates appear and you can only choose one. Some examples include increased attack speed, healing when attacking enemies, bounce of bullets, increased HP …

Unlike other shooting games, Mighty DOOM has a simple game that you can control with one finger. Just tap to shoot, tap to move and also tap to select weapons, change equipment, upgrade. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you can play games too, you don’t need to be prepared, the stance is very close to playing on PC.

Mix weapons and strange elements in Mighty DOOM mobile

Remember that when you have lots of weapons and abilities you can combine them to create powerful and devastating combos. Especially when mixed with legendary weapons such as the Plasma Rifle and Rocket Launcher. Choosing to use the right combination in each battle will help you kill all enemies quickly and easily.

Choosing a combo is a very nice feature that can be kept in the mobile version. It is also one of the factors that create excitement and curiosity for the actors, because the one-touch operation itself or the shooting scenes does not have much variety. I played for a while, I was more easily blocked because I died many times than I wondered to continue.


Compared to DOOM Eternal for PC, many gamers are trying to think that this Mighty DOOM is “too young” to avoid spreading the thorny DOOM of the original version. But I think it’s a little different. As I said at the beginning, mobile games feature simplicity and fun.

It is minimalist so everyone can understand and play quickly. It’s also fun, so anyone can use mobile games to eliminate downtime or quickly get a new feel.

Mighty DOOM
Mighty DOOM

If you call DOOM a bowl of ramen, the Mighty DOOM instant noodle bowl. The same goes for noodles, but instant noodles lag far behind Ramen in terms of nutrition and enjoyment. But instant noodles have their own merits, and many people love and use them every day. However, the graphics level in Mighty DOOM has been minimized so you can imagine it. Still, it’s colored to make the overall hue brighter, funnier, and more playful.

If you’ve played DOOM PC and got addicted, you’ll definitely feel bad. But if you’re new to playing with the phone for the first time, you might be overly satisfied.

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