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Monster Killer Pro

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Monster Killer Pro MOD APK 0.27 (Unlimited Money) Free Downolad

Monster Killer Do you know Jack the Ripper or Axlar-Björn? They are the most famous serial killers of the Victorian era. Join Monster Killer Pro, you have the opportunity to face them. Will you be hunter or prey?


Monster Killer Pro is set in London in the late 19th century, gradually being destroyed by dark Victorian forces. By day, London presents it as a city of prosperity and growth. But when night fell, death was everywhere, from small streets to large avenues.

There are bloodthirsty zombies, killers and hunters in the misty and silent night. At this point, anyone who goes out into the street will be a hunted prey who will find it difficult to escape death. With his experience, skill and courage, you can help London escape this darkness.

How to play

While living Monster Killer Pro, your goal is to eliminate all dangers from the city. Includes gangsters, thieves, monsters, and dangerous killers.
The game system has divided the content into sections, you will have to complete enough levels in that section to unlock the next section.

More specifically, at the beginning of a level, they will take you somewhere. There are obstacles like wooden boxes, obstacles, traps and monsters. You have to pass them all to complete the process 100% and unlock the next level.

Monster Killer Pro
Monster Killer Pro

In some special stages you will meet an old woman (NPC). She will provide you with some buffs including armor, some health enhancement or healing items. You can choose one of the two supports offered by the NPC.


There are several types of monsters, each with different characteristics, and you must learn them to find the right fight plan. Some guys move really fast, some attack from afar or fire more projectiles.

Over time, monsters tend to attack faster and harder. His health (HP) is also constantly improving. Therefore, if your character does not develop in terms of power, you easily fall behind and become the prey of monsters.

Also, you will have to face bosses full of powerful bosses. Not only do they look broad, they are also very dangerous. The rays of damage they deal do not disappear, but they tend to bounce when they encounter obstacles. So try to defeat them before the map concentrates with damage beams, there is little room for you to move and escape.

In return, if you defeat the Boss, you will be rewarded with a lucky “Fortune Teller” spin. This lucky twist contains items that increase the character’s stats and great bonuses.


The equipment helps your character to increase the health and power statistics of her. Monster Killer Pro has created this feature in great detail and you can equip up to 6 types: Rings, Weapons, Grommets, Pets, and Armor.

Each type of equipment provides a set of stats or increases the character’s overall stats by a certain percentage. For example, the Hunter’s Cloak cape that I have gives 250 HP and increases defense by 10%.

Monster Killer Pro
Monster Killer Pro

You can also upgrade all your gear to increase the abilities your character brings. This process consumes rubies and raw materials and requires you to reach certain levels. In addition, the equipment can be melted. To perform this function, you need 3 items of the same type.

Some people will wonder where they can find them. This is pretty simple, the monster drops the gear when you fight. Or you can buy lockers (Vault) in the shop and then open them to get weapons and items. There are three types of boxes: iron, steel, and premium. Iron cabinets contain common equipment types, while Steel and Premium contain rare and special types.

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MOD Feature

  • Unlimited money: you can use the money to buy cases. They contain a large number of rare equipment and materials for you to use during upgrades. Remember, the more money you use, the more money you use.

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