Moonrise Arena MOD APK 1.13.10 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Moonrise Arena

Moonrise Arena MOD APK 1.13.10 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Moonrise Arena MOD APK 1.13.10 – is a retro pixel style RPG for Android phones. It was released by Roika in July last year. And so far, the game has received thousands of positive reviews with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Download Moonrise Arena, which will join an exciting story with Alice and Godric.

Moonrise Arena
Moonrise Arena

Presentation at Moonrise Arena

Moonrise Arena is located in a thriving kingdom. However, this went down in history with the hell beasts rising and destroying the kingdom. Alice and Godric are the two main characters. They were born in chaos. The gods are tasked with saving the kingdom from evil enemies and taking back peaceful lives for humans.

Alice and Godric receive special abilities from the gods. However, they still need to develop their own strength to repel this evil power. Please help them!

Write down the fates of the two main characters.
Alice and Godric will fight to write their own destiny. Your task in this game is to help them develop their strength, fight enemies and remove them from the kingdom.

The two main characters are endowed with some special abilities. Alice has a sorcery power. He can use magic to throw a fireball at an opponent from afar. Affected monsters lose their health and have a 60% speed reduction for a period of time. She can also attack enemies and stun them for a few seconds. In addition, Alice can also attack melee. This causes the most damage, but is also the most dangerous because the enemy can counterattack so the character cannot escape from it.

Break dungeons, traps and monsters
It is not surprising that the difficulty of the game is high, as Moonrise Arena is offered as a hardcore game. You play as Alice in every fight, you are thrown into a dungeon and you fight hundreds of monsters. They arise constantly through the gates of hell, then attack you quickly. You will have to attack, avoiding reducing casualties.

Moonrise Arena 1
Moonrise Arena

To reach the end of the level, it is also necessary to have dexterity to avoid traps. Deep holes, spikes, or fire can consume Alice’s health.

Moonrise Arena is an RPG game, so characters can develop their strength in many different ways. And in this section we will talk about the equipment.

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Alice can equip ten types of equipment such as rings, armor, pants, gloves, shoes … It provides each type of unique abilities and helps to increase health, strength or defense stats. These items can be purchased in the store or collected during battles. You can check the loot in an inventory.

In addition, the equipment can be further enhanced or stone-worked. The town blacksmith will give you details on this, including changes after the mosaic and materials to prepare. Your performance will increase significantly.

Learn new skills
At first, Alice only had a few basic skills. But she can learn new skills while fighting and leveling up she. For example, a shower of fire. This skill creates many fireballs, affects enemies and burns them. On the other hand, levitation, this ability will lift the opponent up in the air for about 5 seconds. He can use this time to study them. Mind control abilities in particular, affected enemies will attack each other automatically.

Moonrise Arena
Moonrise Arena

MOD APK Moonrise Arena’s version

MOD feature
Unlimited money – you have a lot of money and diamonds.

Download : Moonrise Arena

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