Mutiny: Pirate Survival MOD APK 0.16.0 (Menu) Free Download

Mutiny Pirate Survival MOD APK

Mutiny: Pirate Survival MOD APK 0.16.0 (Menu) Free Download

Introduce about Mutiny: Pirate Survival

Currently, there are many survival games on the market. Little by little they are saturating this genre with small advances in the game. Last Day on Earth is one of the best survival games of the genre. Most of the mobile survival games are inspired by this game. Mutiny: Pirate Survival is one of those games, but this game takes you into a completely different context than LDOE.

Background of the rebellion: pirate survival

Mutiny Pirate Survival
Mutiny Pirate Survival

You are the captain of a pirate ship in the Caribbean. After a sudden storm and a fierce battle between pirate ships for treasure, you and your crew will land on an unknown island without shadows. You have to start from scratch on this island without wealth, weapons and ships. Would you like to continue the story in your pirate diary?

Search for resources to survive on a desert island.

Of course, everyone needs food and rest to survive. Your character too. If you do not give him food or drink, his health bar will decrease. Look for foods like fruits, look for small animals, and look for fresh water. Coconut can also help quench your thirst. Since food resources are limited, you must use food and resources economically and scientifically if you do not want to die on this island.

One way to increase the efficiency of your fruit hunting and gathering is to upgrade your tools. Of course, a long spear kills animals better than a crude knife made of stone. It also helps you hunt some big game like wild boar and deer. Using resources like rock boulders, cutting trees from old trees, you can use them to upgrade weapons for your character. Don’t forget to make good enough clothes for all the members to help them survive the cold winter on this island. Armor is also great if you encounter frequent skirmishes.

Unlike Last Day On Earth, you are not alone in Rebellion. Behind you are many loyal sailors who accompany you in many battles. They help you work, use resources and build bases. This also means that you have to take on more responsibilities, not just worry about yourself. As a captain, you must protect your seafarers, manage them, and give each person the right jobs.

The game is a combination of survival, RPG and adventure.

Revolt: Pirate Survival has a game that combines many genres like survival, adventure, RPG, action, strategy. You are not constrained to limit your experience. You have to work non-stop at Rebellion. New challenges are constantly emerging and will take you on an endless epic adventure.

You have to constantly fight wild animals and Indians on that island. They do not like the presence of strangers. You must also be careful of shore hazards. Some groups of pirates are also not polite. Therefore, you must build a solid foundation to protect yourself, people, and resources from hazards.

Mutiny Pirate Survival
Mutiny Pirate Survival

Unlock the surrounding islands to help expand your territory. Trade with the natives, build your empire on desert islands. Who Said A Pirate Didn’t Know How To Do Business?

Do you want to go back to the ocean?

Helio Games always knows how to surprise players. After completing the island missions, use your resources to rebuild the pirate ship and sail. When you come across other players’ ships, you can fight them, trade goods, or form a pirate alliance.
Graphics and sound
Rebellion: Pirate Survival has very sharp and vivid 3D images. The characters have smooth and realistic movements in the way they work. Also, environmental effects like weather, sunlight, rain, wind, snow, day and night cycle are shown in detail in this game. The game also warns the player of some violent and bloody elements in the images.
In addition, music is a great asset for Rebellion to win the hearts of millions of players around the world. Epic soundtrack with realistic surround sounds. You must use headphones for a better sound experience.

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MOD Features

  • Magic division
  • Free fast ride
  • Upgrade character (high speed, attack speed)
  • Stupid bot

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