My Cafe mod apk 2020.5.1 Money MOD (Unlimited Coins)

My Cafe mod apk 2020.5.1 Money MOD (Unlimited Coins)

My Cafe mod apk 2020.5.1 is a casual game developed by Melsoft Games with more than 50 million downloads worldwide. You can experience your own real café with a specialty of Coffee. Let’s take a detailed overview to know more about this game. You can download this amazing café game at the end of this page. You can also read CCleaner Pro Apk Free Download (Unlocked Access)

Detailed Overview

It is a restaurant game in which you have to turn an old restaurant into a beautiful new café. Manage your café with your entrepreneur skills and make your café into the business. Make a business strategy for your café and earn more money even if you are offline.

Dream Restaurant

With My Cafe mod apk unlimited coins, you can make your own dream restaurant and coffee shop. Use your entrepreneur skills, hire the staff, decide the menu, decorate the restaurant, and add some entertainment. By doing all previously stated things, you can build your dream café restaurant.

My Cafe mod apk latest version

My Cafe mod apk latest version

Renovate the Café

When you take control over the café, the condition was messy, everything is not in the correct order, the restaurant doesn’t look like the restaurant. Now you have to change this café restaurant completely changed.

Change the wall paints, buy some new furnisher, designate separate areas for every single work, change the position of furnisher and other stuff, use your designing skills and change all the interior of the café.

Decide the Menu

Experience how to run the café restaurant. Once your café restaurant is ready, now its time to decide what food will you offer to your customers, and obviously you should decide the menu as the requirements of customers.

My Cafe mod apk unlimited gems

My Cafe mod apk unlimited gems

The main specialty of this café is Coffee, it offers a wide range of coffee. You can also serve other items such as Dessert, Pizza, Burgers, Cakes, Tea, and many other food items.

Interact With Customers

Besides the food items and coffee, you can interact with customers by talking to them, choose the different lines of dialogue available. By talking to them, you can know them better and guide them for a better future, this interaction between you as an owner of the café and the customers take your business into new heights.

Go Social

Go social, find like-minded people, and coffee lovers around the world. Analyze other owners of the café online and make improvements to your café. Also, complete the tasks of the festival and prove your café best in town.

My Cafe mod apk unlimited coins

My Cafe mod apk unlimited coins

Easy Interface and Stunning Graphics

It  has a simple and easy interface, simply drag and drop on the screen, and complete tasks. The game offers stunning and elegant 2d colorful graphics. The overall display of the game is eye-catching.

Features of My Cafe mod apk

  • Test your entrepreneur skills by developing the Café.
  • Build your dream café restaurant.
  • Turn your old café into a beautiful and attractive new café restaurant.
  • Decorate your café by buying some new furnisher and other stuff.
  • Decide the food menu including Coffee, Piza, Burger, Desserts, and Tea.
  • Guide the customers in their life by having interaction between you and them.
  • Play online and compete with other cafés.
  • Simple and easy interface.
  • Stunning and beautiful 2d eye-catching visuals.


My Cafe mod apk is a casual game in which you are the owner of the coffee shop. Now use your entrepreneur skills and turn your coffee shop into a beautiful and attractive Café Restaurant. Renovate and decorate the café, put some beautiful furnisher, extend the list of menu items, guide the customers by interaction, and compete online with other Cafés. The game offers beautiful 2d visuals, and the interface is very simple and easy. Get My Cafe mod apk download free now and experience the way of running Café Restaurant.

My Cafe Restaurant Game apk Mod

My Cafe Restaurant Game apk Mod

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Technical Detail of My Cafe mod apk

  • Name: My Cafe mod apk
  • Category: Casual
  • Version: 2020.5.1
  • Android: 4.1 and above
  • Size: 23.3MB Ι 124.2MB
  • Developer: Melsoft Games
  • Mod: Yes
  • Need OBB: Yes
  • Mod Feature: Money Mod (Unlimited Coins)

NOTE: Coins does not decrease when to spend

Download My Cafe mod apk

You can download My Café apk mod by accessing download buttons below:

APK File 2020.5.1 [MOD]



OBB File 2020.5.1



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