My Dog Girlfriend MOD APK 2.0.15 (Free Premium Choices) For Android

My Dog Girlfriend

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My Dog Girlfriend MOD APK 2.0.15 (Free Premium Choices) For Android

My Dog Girlfriend MOD APK 2.0.15 – My Dog Girlfriend (MOD Premium Choices) is a super cool simulation story game developed by Genius Studio Japan. Recently, this publisher changed its name from Genius to Genius Studio Japan to confirm that they are from Japan and not another country. Because even though the language of the game is English, all games are in Japanese anime style.
Genius Studio Japan develops simulation games, often in the style of anime graphics.

Every game they release offers players a romantic love story. The way to play is very simple, choose lines to communicate with the game’s characters. However, oddly enough, all the games have the same gameplay but are not boring at all. If you don’t think so, you can try other games like My Nurse Girlfriend, My Dragon Girlfriend or My Ninja Girlfriend.

If you are a harem anime fan, this game is for you. Have you ever watched the movie Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, the love story between a normal boy and a half human half animal girl? In anime, anything can happen.

My Dog Girlfriend helps you grow into a cafe owner. On a clear day, an unknown package is delivered to his store. There are two girls you previously gave up to start a new life. In that world, pets do not take the shape of animals, they take the shape of humans. After a long period of separation, when you meet again, you don’t have the courage to reject them again because compassion came to your mind.

My Dog Girlfriend
My Dog Girlfriend

Before long, an expert girl also offered to participate, with a desire to help you improve coffee. But things aren’t as good as you think. The story has just begun. Can you overcome the challenge and build a famous cafe in the city? Is one of those girls your true love? Find out in this fun game.

How to play
My Dog Girlfriend is a visual novel game. This is a familiar game genre developed in Japan. The gameplay of visual novel games is very simple, your task is to choose the answers given to the characters and bring them to the happiest end. However, you should know that creating such a simple game is not at all easy, they have to invest a lot in the story, the images, the sounds, and many other aspects. That way, each of your options leads to a different end.

Among the options, there are some so-called Premium Options. It requires you to pay in cash or diamonds. You can choose a simpler way to use My Dog Girlfriend (MOD Premium Options).

The first character to be mentioned is Lilly, a very sweet and charming girl. One of those girls you dumped before. But she’s back now and she’s more mature, prettier, and will always stick to helping you when you have problems.

Next up is Kat, a naughty girl who refused to listen but is now very popular. She is also the dog you once raised. Although he can be a little clumsy at times, his charisma is enormous and that will be the key to helping you have a top-notch coffee in the city.

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Finally Mia is a very nice girl. This is the girl who offered to help the store. It has a golden heart and will always help you make your coffee more famous than ever.

My Dog Girlfriend is an anime style game, so the character design is done by mangaka artists. And they did a great job when they played three cute and beautiful girls. Not only that, but female characters designed by Genius Studio are the dream of many men who want to date them. The characters are voiced by the anime Seiyuu, bringing the girls to life with adorable expressions.

My Dog Girlfriend is a very attractive dating simulation game for all men. If you don’t have a girlfriend, it will suit you well. But if you already have a girlfriend, you’ll probably better understand your girlfriend’s psychology thanks to the game. I hope the game helps you have new experiences thanks to the cafe owner love story with three girls.

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