My Home Design Dreams MOD APK 1.0.380 Free Download

My Home

My Home Design Dreams MOD APK 1.0.380 Free Download

You will find yourself in the game

There are many simulation games with interior decoration themes right now, but in my personal opinion, My Home – Design Dreams is the best game you can find on Google Play.

First of all because of the close context in which anyone can find themselves. The story is about a young woman who has a special passion for interior design and home decoration. She recreated her own little suburban room and home. This is considered his first project. After realizing that this was a job he could do in the long run, he decided to leave the small town to go bigger places, meet interesting people, potential customers, and become an interior designer step by step, to realize his dream.
This is everyone’s classic story. Just have a dream and passion, you can do it in any area, not just in furniture. And this is the first link between the game and the player.

My Home
My Home

Attractive opening scene that promises many challenges in the future.

After a few trailers, he is assigned the first task of decorating an ancient room to make it glamorous and impressive. Don’t worry if he doesn’t know where to start. Because it is necessary to follow the tips and instructions, which are interspersed between the lines of the character, step by step.

Our young woman leaves home after completing her first room and goes to the city to start a business. Everything really starts from here. You encounter thousands of customer requests every day. Help everyone design their dream home.

Thousands of match 3 puzzles are waiting for you

Go back to the game in every scene. You will get 3 game options for each special request. For example, the customer needs to change the wood background of the room, he will be given 3 color and material options. Depending on the amount of money you have, you will make a balance between the most appropriate and viable choice, aesthetics, budget and quality. When you choose an off-budget item, the system will “invite” you into the match 3 minigame. After you win, you will receive money.

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There are many games that include 3 such combinations, but in My Home – Design Dreams, you will find that this is not just the 3rd combination, but the 4th combination, the 5th combination. And so the players never get bored, the shapes, the colors and objects of the game are also varied, mainly inspired by the room you decorate. The deeper you play, the more varied the shape and layout of Match-3 will be.

My Home
My Home

You will receive a bonus after playing. Saving money to buy furniture is a process full of excitement, enthusiasm and passion. The higher the level, the harder the puzzles. But you don’t have to worry too much. If you fail, you can play the puzzle again until you complete it. There is no limit.

The graphics and music of the game are attractive.

Everything from the smallest objects like hammers, knives, picture frames to larger things like sofas, beds, walls, background and room is the product of a combination of home, 3D rendering and real-life images. The result is a beautiful, clear, detailed and realistic image. Compared to the simulation games I played; I can rate this game as 8/10. However, harmonious and natural color is also a plus point of the game.

My Home
My Home

In terms of background music, when designing, the background music is always relaxing, light, the rhythm is slow, allowing players to focus on every inch and without any interference. On the contrary, when playing the minigame, the music is extremely lively and turbulent, causing emotions to overflow and excite more than ever.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

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