My Sweet Stalker MOD APK 2.0.17 (Free Premium Choices) Free download

My Sweet Stalker MOD APK

My Sweet Stalker MOD APK 2.0.17 (Free Premium Choices) Free download

My Sweet Stalker MOD APK is a dating simulation game from publisher Genius Studio Japan. You play as a man in an anonymous online consulting network, you have the opportunity to meet, learn and follow three beautiful Yandere girls. Your love life is completely upset from here.
The opening phrase of this dramatic dating simulation game is “watch out for the people around you.” Just one message is enough for you to understand, after playing the game you will be a good hunt for one or more hunters.

Another tip from Genius Studio Japan when officially naming the names of the girls that appear in the game as “Yandere”. Yan means “Yanderu” which means crazy and “Dere” means “Deredere” which means love. This is a term used to refer to anime, manga, beautiful, cute and attractive female characters. On the surface, they are often weak and shy. A changing mindset, very loyal and overly loving. They envy all actions, people and even the little things that surround the person they love. They can even kill people or do other terrible things to win people over to their hearts.

My Sweet Stalker
My Sweet Stalker

With this opening, it’s clear that the game’s plot promises more drama than just the looks of a typical dating sim game. I’ll speak more clearly in the next section so you can understand how dramatic it is.

The theme is too great for a dating simulation game.

You are the main character of My Sweet Hunter and the only man in the game. You are a student with a special passion for computers and you work as an anonymous consultant for an online consulting network part-time. Here, all members keep their identity anonymous and the only task is to listen and advise all clients who have problems in life.

Once you listened to a girl, she confessed that she did something wrong and she wanted to listen to your advice. Since this is wrong, she advises him to give up. But after a conversation, the mysterious girl discovered your true identity. She has announced that she will now be officially a follower.

When you start to realize that everything around you is changing. Then you check the relationships of the girls closest to you and are suspicious of each call. You don’t know if any of the girls you know have such terrible followers or if these friends will be the victims of that strange girl.

Of all the girls around, who is the most suspicious?

You remember your childhood friend Mei. Due to this particularly close relationship, of course Mei knows a lot about her anonymity work. But Mei once swore to heaven that she wouldn’t tell anyone. Could Mei be in danger with that follower, or does Mei have secrets that you don’t know?

You also remember Shiki, a calm and confused person. You don’t know what you are thinking. Shiki is also a member of the school’s computer club, and you have known for a long time that Shiki likes you. Will the follower do something to Shiki? Or is Shiki the girl you should stay away from?

Another of the trio of girls is Tatsumi, a sexy detective who is Shiki’s sister. And you’re asking Tatsumi to help you find out whose followers they are. And as they work together, they gradually discover many different secrets from each individual. Even indifferent people like Tatsumi. Finally, all the girls have secrets and they are all connected in some way.

How the story ends is up to you

Ironically, on his way to this truth, he accidentally realizes that her heart goes out to one of the three girls. Who the girl is depends on the reaction of the actress and how she behaves in each situation.

My Sweet Stalker
My Sweet Stalker

My Sweet Stalker is literally a simulation game. The manipulation in the game is almost exclusively reading, listening to the dialogue, thinking, choosing the response or the action that you want to take according to your current nature and your thoughts. Every choice, whether small or large, will contribute to the end.

This is the ending that you may or may not like, but you will definitely “land” with one of the three girls mentioned above, and if you have truly lived with your heart and mind throughout the game, it is definitely the best option for you. .

You will understand what free love is

And you know, this is the most important thing I got from My Sweet Hunter is that freedom in love is what creates and nurtures love. Emotions die if they are not released. If we are not free, we are no longer ourselves. A Yandere girl always wants to have the person she loves and bring her together so that she can never be sweet for love. And if it is, this is only temporary, then it will be a series of painful days for both of you.

Graphics and sound

Our three daughters are full of adjectives: docile, cute, charming, fragile, feminine, seductive, sexy and special, they have a very unpredictable interior. AND

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MOD Feature

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