My Talking Hank MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds) For Android

My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds) For Android

My Talking Hank MOD APK – Download My Talking Hank MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on APKMODY, you can buy free toys to attract as many animals as possible to Hank island.

My Talking Hank
My Talking Hank

Present on My Talking Hank

My Talking Tom Friends, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Angela Thanks to its enormous success with over 5 billion downloads, the virtual pet game has become a global trend and brought Outfit7 many prestigious awards. Following the success of previous releases, this developer continues to release a new version called My Talking Hank that promises to bring new experiences to players. If you love cute and adorable puppies, don’t miss the game I am about to introduce you to.

Old genre, but new topic
Unlike the versions for cat lovers, My Talking Hank is a great game for those with endless love for dogs. The main character of this game is a cute dog. The player’s task is to take care of the dog, meet his needs and accompany him on an adventure, to discover interesting things on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Are you ready?

Take care of your pet
You will adopt a puppy named Hank, a very cute and super cute spotted dog. Like other friends, Hank is naughty and needs your love. As a babysitter, you have to keep Hank healthy and happy. How is this done? Very simple. Since Hank is an adult dog, it is necessary to eat, rest, play and hug. You’ll need to take care of him from feeding him, washing him, going to the bathroom and giving Hank a hammock helping him sleep in time so he can sleep under the starry sky.

Click on the “knife and fork” icon to have Hank enter the kitchen and eat. There are many types of food to choose from, don’t forget to balance Hank’s diet by choosing all kinds of foods like milk, cake, meat, fruit… These nutritious foods will help Hank be strong, but also more. expensive.

My Talking Hank
My Talking Hank

Hank is a mischievous puppy. So after eating and playing, Hank’s clothes won’t be as clean as before. You have to take Hank to the shower. Also, don’t let Hank go to the toilet for too long because it will make him feel very uncomfortable. One more thing, kids often hate to go to bed early, so your job is to get Hank to bed on time so he doesn’t get tired the next morning.

And like his friends, Hank has the ability to mimic an actor’s voice with playful tone. You can try this by accessing the microphone, then access the game’s home screen and start talking.

Complete Hank’s album
There is a photo album in My Talking Hank with the names of interesting animals that live in Hawaii. The player’s task is to help Hank complete this album by taking photos of many exotic and wild animals. Hank likes photography but is very naughty. Therefore, sometimes this hyperactivity scares the animals. To help Hank take photos of all the animals on the island, players will have to use food to shoot the animals, wait for them to appear and click to collect their photos.

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There are many interesting animals on the island such as hip hop hippos, white rabbits with soft white fur, silly storks, curious turtles, and more. Not only that, players will travel through many different countries to discover more interesting things.

Interesting activities
My Talking Hank offers countless other exciting activities that players can experience in their spare time. With over 10 exciting mini games like Happy Connect, Bubble Shooter, Planet Hop, players can spend hours playing them. Especially in this version, Outfit7 has released a new mini game called Fishtastic. In this game, the players are tasked with saving the unfortunate fish and taking them to a safe place.

Explore the store
Shopping is a useful way to relieve stress. The My Talking Hank store sells food, drink, clothing and accessories for your puppy. Fill your fridge with dozens of dishes like cakes and fruit to fill Hank’s stomach when he’s hungry. Still, you can purchase more costumes in many different styles to give Hank a more unique look. Change a naughty boy’s style with colorful T-shirts or be a gentleman in a suit.

My Talking Hank
My Talking Hank

Also, toys try to arouse curiosity from animals. He will be happy to have so many friends on the island of Hank!

About My Talking Hank MOD APK latest version

MOD feature
Unlimited Coins / Diamonds – You can use coins and diamonds in this MOD APK version to buy or buy advantages in mini games.

You can freely buy even if your money and diamonds are negative.

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