Nautical Life MOD APK 2.282 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Nautical Life MOD APK

Nautical Life MOD APK 2.282 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Nautical Life, a fun fishing simulation game for Android

I remember that being a fisherman was one of my childhood dreams as well as being a pilot. Feeling swimming in the sea all day is as satisfying as riding large fishing boats, riding an iron bird in the sky. When I grow up, I know that doing these things is not as simple and poetic as I thought. Everything requires knowledge, practice, experience, because a mistake can affect others and even your life.
But my little dream came true with simulation games. And here is the game Nautical Life, which simulates the life of a real fisherman, the only game I have found on this topic.

Cruise yacht collection

Pure fishing simulation games are now available. But Maritime Life is not that simple. You become a rich fisherman in the game. You are using your money to buy a yacht just to fish in the sea.

However, this is only your first step as a wealthy fisherman. When buying a yacht, you will buy the furniture redesigned to your liking. Because this is a place where you sleep and live every day in addition to using the fishing yacht. Therefore, these are the three most important factors when choosing a beautiful, comfortable and useful yacht.

Nautical Life
Nautical Life

The ship is finished, ready to sail. You will travel the world, fish in famous places, auction rare fish and win millions of dollars. After that, you will continue to improve and renovate your yacht. Don’t forget to upgrade your fishing gear, giving you the opportunity to catch rare and high-value fish.

The game is simulated in great detail.

The photo of the yacht that you are about to use at the beginning of the game (of course the first boat is free, other yachts, you will have to save points to buy later). The yacht is still parked on the dock.

Below, see what kind of fish you need to catch today from our list of 50 different fish species. From here on, the game shows its original form as top-notch entertainment. The game screen revealed the cute “humorous” style of Nautical Life.

It’s time to fish! Whether dark or bright, the landscape is dull or vibrant, you still need to get your job done right. Simply touch the phone / tablet screen and the touch points will appear as a gray-white circle. If you catch a fish, you will earn points, earn money, unlock some skills, fish, tools and furniture.

Nautical Life
Nautical Life

Remember to always check your inventory. He especially has enough money to buy a new boat. In the meantime, take a look at the items (especially the fishing rods with more than 13 types in total) and money. Make sure you don’t lose any equipment as the challenges are always tougher.

Once you have enough money to buy a new yacht with your own effort, you will begin to redecorate the yacht. The more money you spend, the better your experience will be. With more than 100 kinds of accessories and interiors, you can freely upgrade your yacht.

Sometimes you need little instructions at Maritime Life. It appears as a dialog of a specific character in the scene, says a few words to it, and then disappears. It’s just that, but you just have to determine what the next step will be.

Graphics and Music

I do not know what factors are based to evaluate in simulation games. But for me, the simulation in Nautical Life does a great job. Every little detail, like the waves rocking the yacht, the fish waving its tail, the way the fishing line is thrown, makes me feel clearly the daily work of the fisherman.
No need to use real images or complex 3D perspectives. Graphics are simple but focus on physics and player experience. This is exactly what Nautical Life wants to improve.

Music is also a good element of the game. The rhythm is slow, the melody is clear, lively but not strong. Depending on the region you enter, the style of the background music will change accordingly.

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MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money

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