Nova Launcher MOD APK 7.0.25 (Prime Unlocked) For Android

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher MOD APK 7.0.25 (Prime Unlocked) For Android

Nova Launcher MOD APK 7.0.25 – Nova Launcher has the ability to update your Android phone with a brand new look. Thanks to the magic of this app, your home screen becomes more unique and elegant. Download the MOD APK version from the links below the post.

Present about Nova Launcher

What is Nova Launcher?
The phone is slowly becoming an important friend of people. It helps us to communicate, entertain ourselves, and even help us with many things in the workplace. If you start to feel that the default interface of the Android OS is boring and boring, Nova Launcher will help you make your phone more personal and stylish.

Nova Launcher is a proprietary application from TeslaCoil. It works like a launcher on an Android phone and allows you to customize the look, themes and layout of apps on the home screen. While Android phone developers always try to improve the look of the operating system, style should be personal. Not all users are satisfied with a single interface and design, so they turn to apps like Nova Launcher to help them create their own Android phone style.

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Some outstanding features of Nova Launcher

Choose a theme that suits your style
Changing your theme helps transform your entire phone into a brand new look. There are hundreds of themes to choose from, including themes like Universe, Christmas, Cat, Animal, Love, Superhero … It doesn’t just change the wallpaper, the themes completely change the design, color, app icons. According to a common style, according to the style you choose. Don’t hesitate to find a suitable topic.

Organize application icons
Besides the theme, app icons are also important to show your style. Nova Launcher’s app icon store has thousands of different icons. It is updated daily to keep up with emerging applications. You know, there are thousands of apps posted on Google Play every day. You can choose icons that match the general theme of your phone. Or if you’re a picky person, you can edit the icon for each app.

Dark mode, night mode
Night mode is a feature many users are always looking for when using Nova Launcher. Because we are very busy with our work during the day. Night is a good time to have fun, like watching movies, reading the news, chatting with friends on social media with our mobile phones. For this reason, the phone’s night mode helps us protect our eyes by making the phone’s light softer. You can set an automatic time (19:00 or 20:00) for Nova Launcher to automatically switch to night mode.

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Also, dark mode is the mode that helps you save battery and reduce the brightness of your Android device. Bright colors are also removed to avoid eye fatigue during use.

App drawer function
Too many apps on your screen? Nova Launcher’s app drawer helps you organize your apps by category. The drawer also has many vertical and horizontal zoom and zoom effects depending on your preference.

Positioning grid
Nova Launcher displays a grid on the screen and makes it easy to drag and drop apps to the correct position, avoiding the inequality between rows and columns of the app.

Data backup and restore
Nova Launcher develops a cloud function for data backup to help users easily synchronize the phone design and theme when replacing a new phone. Just log in to sync data with your new phone.

How to use Nova Launcher?
After opening the app on the home screen, you need to choose to help Android phones prioritize Nova Launcher over the original launcher. So you can use it like a normal phone.

Is Nova Launcher slowing down your phone?
Probably not. However, this can happen when your Android phone is too old and has poor settings. I’m using a Xiaomi Note 8 Pro, I don’t see much difference between Nova Launcher and Xiaomi’s native launcher. As long as your phone has a medium RAM and chip, you can run this app without any problems.

MOD APK version of Nova Launcher

MOD feature

  • Main feature unlocked
  • Optimized
  • Permissions and services for the disabled
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled

Download : Nova Launcher

You can download this apk file by accessing the download buttons below:

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