Oddmar MOD APK 0.110 (Unlocked) Free Download


Oddmar MOD APK 0.110 (Unlocked) Free Download

Oddmar: Second Generation Vikings

For those of you who don’t know, Oddmar is actually the new name for Viking Mushroom. Perhaps the company decided to change the name because the old name was so unfortunate. They want to start from 2016, but many problems continue to arise that always have to delay the calendar. When you hear the name Oddmar, you may not be able to imagine it. However, you can immediately consider the classic Viking theme with Viking Mushroom. However, it is not easy for the Viking game to conquer the player, as many Viking games that failed have proven.


Oddmar is completely different. Win on all fronts. From the images, the graphics, the “blood-smelling” design style, the playing field is always “dark and menacing”, it seems like there are always enemies waiting behind. Wars are full of “heroism”. The monsters in the game are very detailed and have a special sharpness, they look realistic even on the phone screen (of course on high-end phones with high-end graphics chips). An indispensable factor in Oddmar’s success is the soundtrack. In addition to the typical battle sounds in the game, the strange music of each note gave me goosebumps. When characters do small actions like forest, shallow, horseback riding … each action is accompanied by different music, which makes sense.

Why do I love Viking Oddmar so much?

In addition to the company’s most important technique, image, graphics, design style, and music, the key subjects and characters that have helped Oddmar maintain the top ten mobile gaming rankings for many years since its launch.


Unlike other typical Viking games in which the main character is always strong, heroic, and talented, in Oddmar (I feel a strange to hear his name), our protagonist, Oddmar, a lazy Viking, is constantly moving away from his mission. The first task is to burn a forest. If successful, he will be entrusted with the second and third missions and promoted in the legion. Otherwise, he will be removed from the tribe immediately.

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Oddmar also has “cute” companions, such as the big-eyed owl or dry bones, if he’s lucky enough to have enough points and enough mushrooms on his way to accomplish noble missions. Suddenly, the Viking concept, magnificent in itself, becomes so close and lovable.

Maybe Oddmar is another aspect of Viking warriors?


To be honest, when I first downloaded the game, I was hesitant because I don’t usually play intense fighting games. But I was reckless because for several years I listened to this game of being on top. When I play Oddmar is a lot of fun and it makes me laugh.

This game is more like a survival game. This hilarious Viking on guard can still face countless deadly situations.

To explain a little more why Oddmar is a Viking Mushroom, because our Oddmar will always find magic mushrooms in the forest. If collected enough and correctly (he will die if he eats the wrong mushroom), he will have different powers and abilities that are very useful for current and future missions. Working capacity is also more durable, not to mention more power.

MOD feature

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